What fallout 76 needs. An open market place!

fallout 4 - What fallout 76 needs. An open market place!

Imagine a place with lets say a "market bot" that works for you (and everyone else on the server) where you can come and put your gear up for trade and set the value for it your self.

Example. I Find a legendary weapon with some good mods, I don't want to spend time on forums/discords to sell it.

Instead, I travel to place X on the map. Put up my legendary weapon for sale with a price of my choice (2000 caps in this case) The "market bot" takes a commission of lets say 5% pre-sale)

Anyone on the server that visits this "market bot" gets to buy it for the price I set.

And every time I switch servers so will the item I put up for trade.

Then maybe once a day you visit the market bot to see if your item has been sold, and if so receive the caps.

Some limitations would have to be put in place ofc.



Max 20 items on the market per person at a time.

If you, yourself remove the item from the market bot, you get the item back, but do not get back the commission. (this is to prevent people putting junk up for sale for 25k caps just to fill the market.

Imagine now what sort of opportune this will lead to…

Now people can can spend entire days making things like special food recipes and putting them up for sale.

Or just craft that hand made weapon with all the best mods and selling them,

Or put up all that flux or other special items they don't need for trade.

Im sure people will find other stuff that they can sell for a good price for just doing what they want to be doing in the game.

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