What happened to Fallout?

fallout 8 - What happened to Fallout?

Why is Fallout is in this state? A state which I am very uncomfortable with.

I have been playing Fallout since last 2013, when I discovered New Vegas. I played New Vegas for a substantial amount of hours and it always left me in this state of joy or pleaseure, I dont know how to say it but it gives me that urge to play again until I have explored every last bit of it. I played it every time I have to play and still I play it 'till now.

Then I started to play other Fallout titles and DLC's like Fallout 3 and Broken Steel who I really loved and it too gives me the feeling like New Vegas gives.

The most fun I had with Fallout was also when I discovered modding too. That joy when I found that I can sprint in New Vegas was one of the most delighting moments I had with Fallout. I did the same with Fallout 3 and I also did Tale of Two Wasteland which is an amazing mod that inspired me to start making mods for Fallout.

When Fallout 4 arrived, I was pretty hyped. I played the whole game through the whole week and suprisingly, Bethesda managed to conserve that feeling I had with New Vegas and F3. I played a solid 1000 hours+ with that game, trying to play it everytime with different ways, I actually have a 24 GB of saves for Fallout 4 which I realized soon before making this post.

I was pleased with all my time spent playing Fallout at that point, then suddenly there were leaks of a new Fallout game and I was estatic. A couple of months later and we have Fallout 76, set in the wasteland of West Virginia, 25 years after the bombs fell and a new multiplayer experience?


The news of Fallout 76 being multiplayer was one of the weirdest I've ever heard but also the most exciting one. I finalky can play Fallout with my friends and my brother who loves Fallout too, it was like a dream come true. The E3 presentation was making me more hyped cause Todd Howard promised us the most daring Fallout game they ever made. I preordered Fallout 76, the special edition (with the power armor) and waited patiently for this new Fallout game to come out.

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When I played Fallout 76 the first time, it was a bit rough. I played with my brother and we heard people's voices when making our characters, we let it slide because it was on day 1 so we just ignored that. We then explored West Virginia and we can feel that Fallout vibe, the wasteland vibe, West Virginia was also pretty beautiful with these smooth godrays and lighting just got 10x better than the one in Fallout 4. We played for around 6 hours and we ended it on a server crash.

What weird was I didnt got that feeling, the feeling that makes me to play it again. I played it for a couple more days and I couldn't feel it, like the Fallout "mojo" is gone. I didn't know how to feel, I stopped playing Fallouf since.

Weeks later and I see this video exposing Fallout 76 and Bethesda, it is actually disgusting, what they say, but sadly what they say is mostly true and I cannot ignore that fact that Fallout has been made into this, this thing that is far from Fallout.

I havent been playing Fallout since, I just cant. I cant believe that my most beloved game series has just turned its direction of becoming this post-apocalyptic survival game into a money making machine of a game, I dont know why or how or who did this, I'm just dissapointed, I wish that Fallout 76 wouldn't exist.

And yes, I'm still confused of what happened to Fallout.

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