What I hope will go into Settlement building if it is apart of the next Fallout.

fallout 8 - What I hope will go into Settlement building if it is apart of the next Fallout.

I am still somewhat new to Fallout, with Fallout 4 being my first and only with about 10 days logged in, but am enjoying the Settlement building feature in it and would like it if these were added to it:

  • Workshop options Menu: When hovering over the Workshop we are given two choices, either Workshop mode or Transfer. I would like to see a third option that would allow the player to do more with the workshop mode, those options are:

Scrap Everything: This option would allow the player to scrap everything in the buildable area without having to search for it and do it manually and hope that they cleared everything undesirable out.

Object Clipping toggle: This would allow the player to turn Off and On Clipping for the items, this way the player can turn it off to push things into other things or turn on to ensure that things are not clipping.

Object Snap: This would allow the player to toggle on or off the snap feature so if the player wanted to place something and not have it snap to any of the other objects for a delicate positioning then this would allow that.

Place anywhere toggle: this would be for placing objects in the air without needing a connected piece to the ground, so if a player wanted to create a floating lantern then this would be the switch to activate.

  • Expanded size limits: I would love to be able to build without having to do the exploit, so would love it if we had a lot more room to build what we want, also this would include height limit as well, would like to be able to create a 40 floor skyscraper if I wanted.

  • Terrain pieces: would love floor pieces that consist of Grass, Grass&Dirt, Dirt, Prefab of Pool filled with water (Above ground), Pond/lake (edges and mid) with water (also above ground), and hill type floors (rampish) so to make the pond/lake look natural, Various plants to fill terrains, also include nuclear waste filled pond/lake and pool pieces.

  • More building pieces: Spiral stairs, Escalators, elevators that can go very high and also different designs, doors (Spinning door, sliding doors, double doors, Secret passage doors, better garage doors), mirrors of all shapes and sizes, bay window walls, chimneys, landing pad pieces.

  • More Decoration pieces: Holotape multi-storage (Holds many holotapes and can be connected to a tv or radio to play (so a Multi-storage of games can connect to tv and on tv choose the game, otherwise if audio it will just play audio), Better Terminals (give player the option control everything connected to the terminal including lights that are not hardwired in)

  • Invisible wires: In workshop mode you would see them, but in regular game you would not, this would make it appear that your wires are in the walls.

  • Renaming Buildable objects: this would be for powered objects like conduits, lights and so on, this way when a player uses a terminal that has a lot of things connected to it, the player then can find what they are looking for the name they given it.

  • more farming items and jobs for farming: more animals to breed and harvest (care taker jobs),silos and more.

  • more signs: there were many signs but not ones I was looking for like military, hospital and along with a few other ones.

  • Special building items: Load doors (Only a few, but basically a player puts down one of these and it will enable the door, then in game the player opens the door and enters an area based on what kind of door they put down (Cave, skyscraper, ship, empty (Except for one removeable floor piece so player does not fall into void)), in that area the player then can enter the workshop mode and build whatever they want, each area would be hollowed out so only the outer frame (the Border) would be there, so the player would have to build the interior and not have to worry about exterior except with the empty cell, this way the player can build whatever they want without having to worry about size limits for decorations and such and also can expand on any buildings as well, take for example Fo4's Player home Home Plate, its small and limited on what the player can do, but imagine being able to place one of those doors to act like a cellar door, right there the player just expanded that small home to a huge size.

There is actually more I would love to see come into the next Settlement builder but these were the ones that I really would like to have the most so to make building settlements more easy as well as making them look better with more options.

Been pondering on how to word all this and decided to just go for it, sorry if this was too long and filled with grammar errors and bad spelling.

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