What I like/dislike from FO76

fallout 3 - What I like/dislike from FO76

Welcome to this Kamikaze post ( 😛 ) I'm going to post here what I like and dislike from FO76.

Please keep in mind this is the opinion of someone who got this game one week ago. I'm still far from the end game content.

Firstly the things I enjoy from this game:

– Gameplay is fine. I enjoy 1st person FPSs with character progression and Fallout 76 cover that role.

– I love the fact that the game is 100% real time (which means you can't stop the game in VATS or inventory and its more dynamic). You need to plan your quick access buttons and once a battle starts you have to deal with your decisions.

– Love new perk system. I thougth fallout 4 character progression was awesome becouse of the amount of different possibilities you had in that game… and… this perk system is even better.

– I like the crafting system and the fact that you have to find the plans for crafting. Crafting is a little bit owerwhelming at first, but the fact that you collect the plans slowly allow you to get into it slowly enough to get used to it.

– I love the resources balance. In Fallout 4 midgame you used to have enough ammonution, weapons and medical supplies for maintainint the BoS for a year or 2. FO76 resources are way much more scarce. As a Fallout game should be.

In overal: the ingame mechanics are (in my opinion) improved from FO4, which makes playing FO76 more entertaining

And now what I dislike from Fo76.

– While I beleive Perk mechanic (one you have the perks) is quite good. Im completelly stuned by the fact that perk adquisition is random. Which means that there is no way you can tell when (if ever) will you be able to create the character you want to play . (If you want a snipper but you are unlucky with the snniping perks… well, bad luck).

– Getting into the game (inmersion into the FPS game) is really hard. Here im not talking about the inmersion in the lore but in the First person shotter aspect of the game. Let me explain why: You are moving around, fighting some mobs and… you find a note, you read it, and 2 steps later… you find a holotape, you strart litening to it and keep killing trying to keep atention to what you are being told when… you find another holotape, so you wait for the previous speech to end, pick the new one and… find a note…

These note are not liked to any quest, so you can skip them and nothing will happen, but if you want to learn about Appalacha and get inmersed into FO76 lore, then you must take care of them.

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I have nothing against these notes other than they are too many, your gameplay gets constantly interrupted becouse of these.

– There are a lot of things to read and that raises me a headache. I know, I know this is 100% personal, but the amount of hand writting notes (some of them lorewise with shitty or blurry letters) is a lot high and reading them raises me a headache.

– Other players interaction kicks you out of all kind of inmersion. It happens constantly, but my best example is… What would you do if in a survival RPG you find a guy in a female dress and a shotgun with a clown mask? Either shot him or run right?.


Well thats what I would do in Fallout 4 (either that or quicksave for the laughs of seeing how he kills me with a chainshaw or something). Well, not in FO76 becouse that guy is someone who is clearing not inmersed in the game (point is bethesda enforces this out of inmersion behaviour).

Same with C.A.M.P.s: What would you do if you found a settlement in FO4? either kill everyone and loot it or try to come in, look for quests, some commerce… Well, not in FO76 becouse there is no one in the camp, there is no loot and the owner is somewere else.

– Second important one: Its a complete no-sense. Besides the main quest (which has some sense) all the other quests are like… why the hell I am checking the water condition of this river? Who cares if the agricultural robots are out of control? You can ask for a government emergency supply airdrop but… where is that government? shouldnt I look for them instead of this air supply? So my overseer who is investigation something really really troublesome decides to go to her institute becouse she feel nolstalgic… this is a joke right? (no, its not). Why the hell is this robbot buying and selling stuff, where is he getting all the ammonution (and other resources) and how is that ammonution/medical supplies dispenser still there? So I listen to a radio and suddently I'm being hunted by a guy who lived with me the past 25 years and I have to hunt another friend of mine I shared my live with the past 25 years (Yeah, this happens).

– And the most important one: I have the feeling to have missed all the important part of the game. If you pay atention to notes and holodiscs, the actual tale you are being told is really cool, there were survivors here, they tried to survive and faced lots of threats, there were raiders, and factions and everything, and then something happened (trying to keep this out of spoilers) and some desperate measures were taken in order to try to survive.

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And then you arrive.. and you have missed all the good part (even if you were killed at the end).

Let me show you my point, which I believe has ever been discused in either subredit: Its like comming out of Vault 111 in Fallout 4 and seeing a nuke explosion in the institute, then you go to sanctuary and preston tells you:

Preston: Its over, forget it, someone came before you and cleared the main part of the issues in the commonwealth.

You: But is there anythign I can help with?

Preston: Yeah well, you can move around, kill some pending stuff and feel free to improve your settlement and weapons… but its over. ¿Do you want to know what happened?

You: Yes please.

Preston: Ok, lucky we recorded it all, take a sit becouse you have to listen these 1000 holotapes and read these 2000 notes.

Well this si Fallout 76, the only difference is that preston lost, is death and the holotapes are scaterred all over the commonwealth.

Overall opinon: I think the game is enjoyable and playable. I mean: the game mechanincs (the main part of the game you are going to play) are fine, and you can surelly enjoy it as a no-sense FPS.

But the RPGs aspects of the game are weak as I never shaw in any other RPG before.

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