What I personally get out of Fallout 76

fallout 4 - What I personally get out of Fallout 76

I’m a professional illustrator and being creative has always been part of who I am. Creativity is as an aspect of me I try and bring into everything I do.

And Fallout 76 allows me to do that in ways I haven’t found in other games.

Take CAMPs. Most other games do player housing by having it be instanced. And so you have to know the person and travel to see what they have done.

But having CAMPs in the world that doesn’t require that, is awesome. I’ve come across some amazing CAMPs. And even more amazing CAMPs posted in online forums. I’ve seen shopping malls, road side attractions, stripper bars, restaurants, mazes. I once made a maze early on in the game when we had smaller budgets and items cost more. And while I know people get really mad about Trap CAMPs. I kind of think it’s clever.

I also enjoy the details of the world. And I think that the graphics get better with new stuff. The detail and artwork of new stuff is much better than the older stuff. I enjoy using photomode, even over the camera. I like the control photomode gives.

So taking pictures of the game is kind of a hobby while I play. I only wish there was a way to show some of them in game. Some way to hang a few pictures I’ve taken.

The game also allows me to be goofy. I’ve been having fun with trying out all different kinds of combinations of outfits. And sometimes a person in game will stop me and ask about them. And I’ve seen a lot of other players doing the same.

And it’s not just Halloween. Events like Fasnacht, Meat Week (and the canceled Mischief Night, which I didn’t play last year), bring out the fun aspect for some players. I think a weeklong event every other month would be a great place for the game to be. And short weekend events, like double score/xp or Treasure hunters weekends.


I don’t think everything in the game is perfect. I’ve encountered just about every bug most people do, at some point. (PS4 for those that want to know). I like a game that is a challenge. The moment I can defeat anything myself, without thinking, I start to lose interest in the game. Though I get that for some players, that’s what they enjoy, and that’s their goal. That’s how they find creativity in the game.

I also don’t expect any game to be perfect. I don’t expect any software to be perfect. As a professional illustrator, I’ve been using the Adobe graphics programs to create. They are over 40 years old. They still have the occasional glitch or crash.

But I measure the quality of something based off the satisfaction/fun I get verses the frustration it creates. I’m getting more fun than frustration.

I also get that I’m making my own fun, and not every player is interested in doing that. They want the game to make the fun, and they enjoy it. To that, I don’t have an answer. I don’t even have a suggestion. We all play for different reasons. In the end, we each have to ask ourselves if the reasons are working out.

Below is a link to some of my favorite pics showcasing some of the stuff I’ve been talking about.



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