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fallout 4 - What i would do with Fallout 5

After the disaster that Fallout 76 was, i think the Franchise needs a reset, so i would set Fallout 5 as far away from the Bethesda Games as possible, without going too far away from the Original Games. I would set it in Canada. Either in the most northern part of Canada or near Vancouver. With Vancouver it is close to the originals and still has a new setting. With the Northern parts of Canada we could get something completely isolated to the other Games.

Because Canada was annexed by the United States there are some Vaults in Canada, but even before they got annexed they prepared for the apocalypse. Canada hired a different companie to build Vault like Safehouses. Also the Canadian Government did Kryotic Experiments. They stored frozen people in Submarines in the most northern parts of Canada.

A Major theme of my Fallout 5 would be the Garrison Mentality (Garrison Mentality: Fear of the loneliness of Canadian landscapes; Isolation and division) (for that the northern parts of Canada would be better than Vancouver). There would be many ice deserts, snowy forests and some glaciers.


like in the other games mutated animals would be one of the major enemies of Fallout 5. Because it's a new setting none of the old Enemies would be featured in this game. (You could maybe feature one single Super Mutant as an Easter Egg or reference) In Canada there would be Mutant Beavers, Mutant Ice-Bears and maybe Mutant Canada Gooses. The Ghouls would be replaced with an icey version, the Frost Walkers. like the Mothman there would be different Cryptid Monsters like the Yeti or the Wendigo. (You could do a Mission in which a Stranger living in the woods is considered to be a Yeti) There would be a Zombie like Enemy based on "la Corriveau". la Corriveau would chase the player and jump on him, he would look like a Zombie-Ghoul like Monster in a Cell.

Fallout 5s world would be relatively empty compared to the other games. There would be one or two big Cities. There names would be either something like Neo-Vancouver or they would have completely new names, like Sapphire City or Edensland. There also would be a City named Saguenay (based on the "Kingdom of Saguenay" in the Canadian Mythology). to travel faster between the cities and through the Snowy landscapes you would be able to rent a mutated moose and ride it. In between of the Ice Deserts, Snowy forests and Glaciers there would be some smaller Villages and tribes, based on Canadian Culture and Mythology (for example the tribe of Sisitul, the cult of Nanook or the believers of Amarok) and some of the tribes would worship new post-apocalyptic Gods. The world would be full of Inukshuks made out of modern martials and maybe bones.

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