What if Armor Sets would have a Set Bonus?

fallout 3 - What if Armor Sets would have a Set Bonus?

From what i have seen so far there is pretty much no reward for wearing a full set of armor.

A Leather/Metal/Combat set seems to be one of the best you can get. I have never seen someone with full Raider, full Trapper or Robot. Some wear Combat or Marine just for style reasons.

So what if the Armor Sets would reward the player for using a full set? Similar to how a full Excavator PA increases carry weight?

Leather could give a bonus on Sneak Attacks

Raider could reduce Chem weight and add the possibility to find more Chems on corpses

Metal could give a chance to resist stagger

Combat could reduce Weapon and Ammo weight

Trapper could make some Animals passive, like Radstags, Mongrels or Wolves (not glowing ones)


Robot could reduce Explosive weigh and decrease Explosive damage taken

Marine could decrease Rad damage

Wood could increase Health Regeneration

so each "set" would be rewarding to wear and grant a bonus for different playstyles. You love to blow things up but you always kill yourself? Get a Robot Set. You love your chems and just cant get enough? Get a Raider Set. Power Armor isnt your thing but you still want to survive in a Nuke Zone? Get a Marine Set.

All of these are just brainstorming ideas, ideas to create a possibly interesting and rewarding mechanic

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