What if you could inject yourself with Syringer ammo?

fallout 1 - What if you could inject yourself with Syringer ammo?

They are syringes, right? So why can't you inject yourself with them? I know you technically can, but they don't have any effects, so here are my ideas for what they could do. I think this would make some of these syringes more versatile, maybe even worth crafting even if you aren't going to use the Syringer. If nothing else, you could mess around with the syringes for fun.


When used, the Berserk Syringe will cause the Sole Survivor to automatically aim at and attack the nearest living thing(hostile or friendly)for 2 minutes. It will also make the screen red and blurry, up the contrast, and cause the Sole Survivor to shout as if they were taking Psycho. Good for clearing rooms of weaker enemies or focusing all your firepower on a tougher enemy…not so good for ammo conservers or companion users.


When used, the Bleed Out Syringe will deal 30 points of bleed damage to you over the course of 10 seconds. It will also blur the edges of the screen temporarily and cause the Sole Survivor to gasp and take a heavy breath. This is useful for activating effects like Nerd Rage or Unyielding that require low health to function. It could also be useful for a self-imposed challenge.


When used, the Bloatfly Larve Syringe will cause a Bloatfly(that is allied to you)to spawn from your body if you go under 20% health. This effect lasts for 10 minutes. This is useful for distracting your enemies, which could give you enough time to escape and heal. By healing and taking damage repeatedly, you could spawn a swarm of Bloatflies to overwhelm your enemies. It could also be useful for farming legendary items from legendary Bloatflies that may spawn from your body.


When used, the Endangerol syringe will decrease your Damage Resistance by 25% for 2 minutes. This will also cause the Sole Survivor to say "Uh oh." or "This isn't good." and will add a black vignette to the edges of the screen. This is only really good for a self-imposed challenge, although the vignette effect might make it easier to focus on what's in front of you? Or it might be good for cinematics?



When used, the Lock Joint Syringe will cause the Sole Survivor to freeze in place and fall to the ground for 10 seconds. You will be affected by physics while this is happening, so you can be pushed around by enemies/NPCs, blown away by explosions, or tumble down slopes. Some enemies will ignore you when paralyzed because they think you've died. Human enemies will comment on it and may kick you.


When used, the Mind Cloud Syringe will cause all enemies and NPCs to become invisible and not emit any noise. The screen will be filled with multi-colored, transparent shapes and your hud elements(health bar, AP meter, compass)will change sporadically(only a visual effect). Looking at your Pip-Boy will display inaccurate information(the weight, stats, names of items will be mixed up). This is only really useful for a self-imposed challenge or for simulating an acid trip.


When used, the Pax Syringe will remove the ability to use firearms, explosives, melee, or unarmed weapons for 30 seconds. It will also tint the screen pink and add a wavy effect to it. The Sole Survivor will say something like, "It's all gooood." or "Groooovy." and will smile for the duration of the effect. Some enemies will not attack you in this state as long as you don't get too close to them or stay around them for too long.


When used, the Radscorpion Venom Syringe will deal 40 points of poison damage to you over the course of 10 seconds. It will also temporarily tint the edges of the screen green and will cause the Sole Survivor to groan in pain. Like the Bleed Out Syringe, the Radscorpion Benom Syringe can be used to activate effects that require low HP to function or for a self-imposed challenge.


When used, the Yellow Belly Syringe will cause the Sole Survivor to gasp or scream when seeing an enemy and they will refuse to get near them until they are dead. If an enemy starts chasing the Sole Survivor, they will automatically run away and try to hide. It will also darken the screen and cause it to subtly shift around. Enemies will appear as shadowy silhouettes with red eyes, and the sounds they make will be lowered and distorted. These effects last for 30 seconds.

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