What is going on with this sub recently and fallout 4?

fallout 3 - What is going on with this sub recently and fallout 4?

Everyone has a right to complain and say what they want in future games, especially after 76, but its getting a little over the top now imo.

If you liked NV and 3 better because they put more passion/effort into them than that’s fine, I agree, but 4 had its own strengths/weaknesses. Shitting on people who prefer 4 over the others is wrong since 4 was not an objectively bad game and each one is flawed in their own ways.

Here’s what I think 4 did right:

1) Way bigger map

2) Settlements (subjective)- yeah if you don’t like them that’s fine. I personally really liked them, obviously they could be improved but it was a great edition. Pretty sure many people, including me, wanted something like this for awhile. (people argue there’s less real towns so I guess that’s fair) but who wouldn’t build something of their own in a nuclear apocalypse?

3) mod support on consoles***- I play on console and you can do a lot if you know what’s out there and what you want the game to be. There’s a lot of potential/freedom there and great mods

4) better/more like-able companions (subjective) – they were better than NV by a good amt imo, between 3/NV/4 that’s the only one I chose to play without followers.

5) improved random encounters

6) weapon customization (good addition, needs improvements or an overhaul)

7) better graphics

8) Way better combat and enemy ai

9) Having a good sized city again, that isn’t segmented by debris or sectioned off into mini towns

10) Sprinting

11) Weather

12) fallout 3 style wasteland, Post Apocalypse over post-post apocalypse (subjective)

13) diverse voice actors

14) Lots of places to explore, granted it was less meaningful than 3

15) more likable factions (Subjective) – I didn’t like the main ones in NV (Big govt, Slavers/degenerates, an old man with robots (cool idea but isolated from people), A robot and yourself)

16) perk system/leveling up (subjective)

17) Far harbour and Nuka world (subjective)

18) settlement attacks

Here’s what I think it did wrong:

A) Worse story – I think it’s honestly not as bad as people make it out to be, it just doesn’t draw you in like the others. Also I agree there isn’t as much of an impact to the world.


B) Quest variety – quests either ended too quickly and didn’t follow up or there was a too many radiant ones (radiant quests are not a bad thing on paper, it’s when there isn’t enough major ones to overshadow them)

C) Quest alternatives- NV won here with the different approaches to quests (lots of ways to complete a quest.

D) forced story (Nate/Nora) – mods fix this, get Start Me Up you have 0 connection to them and the dialogue. It does a really good job

E) Voiced protagonist (subjective) – mods fix this just get one that mutes your voice. I don’t think it works considering your not a pre-set character in fallout

F) dialogue wheel – again mods fix this, I can understand the “it doesn’t matter what you choose” argument tho

G) minutemen (subjective) – it needs to be more fleshed out and some argue they’re basically defunct without you. Some say it’s because they were on their last legs before you.

H) Crashing in Boston – the game crashes a lot in downtown Boston especially with mods. That’s gotta be on Bethesda’s side

I) mod limit on consoles – should be 5gb like Skyrim and that’s an older game

J) pipe guns all over the place and weapon variety – mods can fix this

K) colorful cartoony art style (subjective)

L) a lot of essential characters – mods fix this but can break your game. 3 was like this too tho

M) lack of “skill checks”

That’s my list, I play 4 more than the others now because of mod support and combat. It doesn’t feel like vanilla anymore and fixed most of the bullshit and stuff I don’t like. Added a bunch i do like.

I’ve played all the modern ones but none of the classics. I can honestly say if I was going to just sit down and play one it will always come to modded 4. I can’t play 3/NV vanilla anymore, I get bored, and wouldn’t push them on people unless they never tried them before or can mod them.

Tldr: 4 had issues but I still say its good. Mods help and it gets shit on too much. If you don’t like the direction that’s fine but glorifying old games won’t change that. Each one sucks in its own ways.

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