What is the deal with the Nuka-dark? (IRL)

fallout 4 - What is the deal with the Nuka-dark? (IRL)

This is the fallout scandal I'm not seeing anyone talk about. If you aren't familiar with Nuka-Dark, it's the alcoholic version of Nuka-Cola. Around the time they announced 76, they also announced they'd be producing a real life version of Nuka-Dark in partnership with Silver Screen Bottling company. Awesome right? Who hasn't wanted a taste of the wasteland in real life? All said and done it was a little under $100 to pre-order. Rather steep for a bottle of rum, but it's a collector's item I guess so that's what you get. At that price I would have expected a nice glass nuka cola shaped bottle and honestly that's what I was willing to pay the premium for. Turns out that its not even going to be in a nuka shaped bottle, a plain bottle will be wrapped in a PLASTIC nuka shaped cover. Let's be real, if i wanted a shitty 3D printed nuka bottle I would've turned to etsy. That's not all. The original ship date was the game's release date, but here we are almost at Christmas and the product HASN'T EVEN SHIPPED TO THE DISTRIBUTORS!!! Hope no one bought it as a Christmas present. Very little communication has been made regarding the product and what has been sent is extremely vague. Just another PR nightmare for Bethesda.


TL;DR Nuka-Dark isn't a glass bottle and it won't ship by Christmas most likely.

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