What is your personal canon of the world 100 years after the events of the games respective stories?

fallout 3 - What is your personal canon of the world 100 years after the events of the games respective stories?

Sorry for the long winded title, I couldn’t think of another way to write it.

Fallout 3: the Captial Wasteland 100 years later has become a sort of haven for many people, a huge land mass of forest has begun to populate the north western (I think that’s where the quest was) part of the world and is moving faster, due to the Lone Wanderers actions of purifying the water, the population has begun to rise, Megatron has become a full fledged city, with a fully fledged police force led Lucas Simms Grandson, Jack Simm, along with other high ranking members of Megatron, they formed a council that oversees what is now the massive post apocalyptic metropolis.

After The Brotherhood of Steel was overtaken by Arthur Maxon, he overturned Elder Lyons ideology of not hoarding technology for the Brotherhood, but helping them out, however many members of the Bortherhood weren’t happy with this, they took as many supplies as they could and fled into the wasteland, they formed a new group named “The Forsaken” intent on saving people and protecting the inhabitants on the Wasteland.

The Republic of Dave flourished and in time more people began flocking to it, what was small village became a small town, and the republic of Dave truly became a Republic, electing members of the town.

Tenpenny Tower became a safe haven for the Ghouls for a while, but before long raiders came and either killed/enslaved them all, the Tenpenny Tower then became a breeding ground for these raiders, which routinely fight the patrols of Megatron.

The Lone Wanderer himself left the Wasteland after 7 years, never seeing his actions come to fruition, no one know what became of him,

Fallout New Vegas: The Courier united all of the different groups under him and Yes Man, after the battle of Hoover Dam, The Courier rooted out the main force of the NCR from the Mojave and extinguished the Legion.

With his upgraded Robots and Yes Man, The Courier created a new era of peace over the Mojave, keeping all the other factions under his rule. He gave all but the Legion a place on his table. After 15 years, New Vegas became another haven, incredibly rich and lucrative due to his trade routes and deals with the NCR, Other Brotherhood Factions, The Boomers, eventually the Courier became one of the most powerful men within the United States, withstanding the night of the NCR themselves and managing to stay as a massive, independent state.

After the Couriers death, a few factions dropped out of the New Vegas alliance, but it still persevered, although losing ground, New Vegas stood, with each faction knowing that an independent attempt would be better than a vassal state.

In his regime of New Vegas, it eclipsed the surrounding areas, but the Courier did not forget who was loyal to him, the Kings became one of the most richest and most powerful families, their casino became a cross rods within the New Vegas society, in which poor and rich alike would go to their casinos. Eventually a King at one point would become a leader of New Vegas, ensuring the Couriers legacy.

The people of Goodsprings were given robots as a way of protecting the town, he ensured clean water and food was given to them, the doctor that the Courier was given a place on the strip, even saving his life years later after an assignation attempt. Eventually Goodsprings became a sizeable town, a safe place in the deserts of the Mojave.

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The Boomers became one of the forefront members of the New Vegas military, the plane and the artillery guns provided a massive support for The Courier against the threat of the Legion growing once more and the NCR again. Because of their help and power they became one of the voices on the Couriers table he could trust the most. After the death of the Courier, the Boomers broke away from the New Vegas alliance, mixed with the New Vegas robots technology, the Boomers became the one of the most powerful military forces within the Wasteland, but kept to themselves. The corpses surrounding the Nellis Air Force Base serve as a reminder to leave them alone.

The Great Khans, who were fiercely loyal to the Courier in life, eventually moved further east as the NCR tried to expand more, they would fade from the memory of the Mojave citizens.


Fallout 4: (In my playthrough, Fallout 4 takes place over 10 years) After the destruction of the Institute, The Sole Survivor would help usher in a period of peace.

With the Minutemen, Brotherhood and the Railroad, he kept an uneasy alliance with them, a decade past, and the Sole Survivor had grown depressed with the knowledge that he had killed his own son and lost his wife, family and friends, he became a product of the world around him, an able leader, but a bitter and broken man.

15 years passed after the death of the institute and 25 years after he woke up, the young man that emerged from the cryostasis became an embittered old veteran. Nick Valentine had begun to forget him, Piper had been killed investigating a case for her paper, Curie had left the Commonwealth, intent on discovering more of the world. Paladin Danse has gone missing hunting rogue Coursers from the embers of the institute. Cate had married and settled down, the only friends The Sole Survivor has was Hancock, Preston, Deacon and Codsworth.

The final nail in the coffin was the massacre of Diamond City.

As years passed, the relationship between the Brotherhood, Railroad, Minutemen, Diamond City council and the Citizens of Goodneighbour had all grown to hate one another.

In the annual council discussions, the discussion turns into fighting between the factions, the fighting then turns to killing, as things escalate, the sides call in more reinforcements.

What led was all out slaughter, Diamond City was destroyed, Hancock was killed by Maxson but not before blowing his hand off, Codsworth was destroyed, Deacon dies protecting the Sole Survivor, The Sole Survivor’s synth son was killed by Maxson. Preston was severely wounded, having his eye blown out.

The Railroad were nearly destroyed, but retreated away, becoming a Gurilla force once more, the final trick they pulled was letting one of their agents detonate a bomb over the Prydwen, which was firing artillery over Diamond City.

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After seeing the destruction of everything he built up, the Lone Survivor knew that Shawn was right, that they would kill each other in the end, he abandoned the Commonwealth the same night, he was never seen again.

100 years later and the Commonwealth has been ruined by fighting, The Railroad began taking technology from ruins of the institute and making their own, the Brotherhood, without the power of the Prydwen and the constant fighting with the Railroad, became more warlike.

Diamond City was demolished, there is no massive community anymore but only small communities, without the guidance of a strong figurehead no one has been able to band together.

The Minutemen have kept a loose hold on the Wasteland, Preston Garvey, after seeing another massacre, became ruthless, he drove the Minutemen to more of an army force, they would show no mercy to their enemies. Preston himself was killed when he was an old man. The Minutemen, in an uneasy era of peace, are trying to ensure that war does not touch the Commonwealth again.

The Brotherhood ultimately abandoned the Commonwealth after a long time of war, Elder Maxson became obsessed with uprooting the Railroad and any memory of the Institute. After another 15 years of war, Maxson was driven by bloodlust and hate.

When he had finally found the base of the Railroad, he prepared an attack on them, however on the morning on the battle, Elder Maxson was missing, the Brotherhood were unsure of his location, they delayed the attack.

Elder Maxson was found hanging from a post, he had been tortured and murdered, how the Elder went missing no one knew, or how he died, it was a mystery that the Brotherhood were hasty to forget, the new Elder was eager to see the War finished. She took the chapter and left, to return to the Capital Wasteland.

Thanks for reading this! Sorry it’s so long I got really engrossed and side tracked a lot hahaha, what would your canon be? Sorry again for it being so long!

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