what made me love fallout 3?

fallout 7 - what made me love fallout 3?

I was a highschool freshman bored and desperate for entertainment from a new franchise.

I would usually play games like Halo 3 ODST and.. huh.. I don't remember playing any other game after getting halo 3 odst well anyways I was hungry for a weird game that stuck out.

and there it was. it had no cover art and no instruction manual it was just a plain disc. I bought it not knowing what a RPG was, not knowing character creation was possible, and not knowing it was open would like gta.

the intro came up. the world was nuked and every human that left the vault died except ours was smart enough to leave the doors closed… forever.

mom died and Dad spent time raising you in the vault. I was introduced to Amata and Butch knowing from cliche Anime experience Butch will have a change of heart and can be romancible for my female character while Amata looks like a lesbian until the final minute when the game remembers what sex I am.

time skipped forward and dad left the vault. "THERE IT IS" I thought "The story and the entire game is about leaving the vault. it'll end just like Whiplash did seeing the outside world after destroying the evil underground lair, with the Help of Butch and Amata…. wait what???? I'm.. um outside.. well that was fucking short I paid for this um… wait there's no walls? no invisible walls???? huh…

I read my pip boy "uhoh disaster at lv 2 the air out here is more toxic then I thought" I use a stimpack "IT'S NOT WORKING!!!" (yes it was character level) I walk some more waiting for the plot to come up…

this scared the living shit out of me. I never saw it coming (play persona 5 music) I thought every human outside the vaults were dead D-E-A-D DEAD as in extinct but "THOSE MONSTERS THEY'RE GOING TO GET ME!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. it's a fucking boy and he's alive a breathing human the intro said all humans "only had the hell of the wastes to great them" that means death! extinction! what is this game!!!???

and finally I started the "Those" quest.

it took me several and I mean several tries to complete it and before you say it I didn't know that there was a mini map in the game I was walking blind.

after putting the quest on hold I started listening to three dog static on radio while I scavenge the locations for equipment to fight those fucking ants but something happened. a quest got updated.

"following in his footsteps" huh?? but don't I need to save the kid before I do anything else (remember I played games like halo, quests was alien to me and I thought of these as missions) curious I opened up my pip boy and saw that the rectangular triangle thingy moved. "Wait I'm supposed to follow that?"


after some exploring I ran into raiders for the first time but I handled them pretty good. but then I made it to rivet city and good lord I got lost.

some events happened and I got hit bad my head was crippled and I was close to vault 112 not knowing what beds do and what stimpacks can do I quickly made my way and finished tranquility lane.

sadly this was when I started to die. alot (forgot to mention but I think I went to megaton before rivet city but never spoke to Moriarty) a bunch of raiders kept killing me while I was traveling with dad and the game kept saying "you're over ecombered" YES GAME I KNOW BECAUSE MY HEAD IS CRIPPLED (I didn't know it meant I was overweight…. I don't know what happened after that but I later found out I couldn't fast travel cause I was carrying too many goods) I finally fast traveled to rivet city and chose the time to relax.

things happened I did things at the Jefferson memorial and these guys in bird like power armor appeared. killed my dad and I escaped with Madison Li.

then I shat a brick. those guys that were on the intro whenever I started the game. they existed in game. hollly shitt they look sooo awesome and what's this they're the good guys? yyyyaaaayyy.

after that I went to little lamplight in my Enclave gear and started talking to sailor mouth McGee and he told me to go to paradise falls.

I got in but big mistake. throughout the whole game I never placed my pistol in it's holster. I didn't know it was even possible. this whole time I was talking to NPCs like Han solo in that bar. the first thing I saw was a gun and a red slash right through it and every. last. one. of. them. was. hostile.


rocket launchers to the left katanas to the right here I am stuck in the middle of crouching and endlessly saving and reloading.

it took me three irl days to clear the blood bath out and save the slaves (I accidentally saved at a near death rocket experience… yeah it was a tough one to escape)

later on I beat the game and got a movie ending conclusion wasn't until I googled fallout 3 that I heard of an alien pistol. "HOLLY SHIT AN ALIEN PISTOL!" Then I met three dog drool but then I learned of the DLC and buying them continues the game after death.


then I bought new Vegas long after and to prepare myself I bought the book prima guide book and… I fucked up.. I hear people say how better new Vegas was to three but because I bought the prima guide the game felt empty and unfulfilling and none of the dlc can get you passed the end credits.

buying a guide book has to be the biggest mistake I've done cause there was no surprises in new Vegas it was just fallout 3 again but empty.

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