What new legendary effects would you like to see in the game?

fallout 2 - What new legendary effects would you like to see in the game?

Patch 11 has shown how terrible things are the moment we lose legendaries. I think they are one of the main driving forces that push a lot of players to log in daily and farm them when there is no new content or anything else to do. Without legendaries we wouldn’t have fizzy trading communities and no or little build diversity. Just recently I got my dream weapon (like the exact weapon i wanted with the exact 3 stats i wanted) and it feels like i beat the game and every other legendary reward i’ll get in the future is inevitably going to be suboptimal to what i already have.

This problem is caused by the extreme unbalances there are between the effects. Over 200k possible combinations yet 90% of us are only looking for that Bloodied, Anti Armor or Two Shot Explosive Handmade/Laser. And rightly so, because nothing else is equally viable.

Another nerf (like the Two Shot Explosive) to the Bloodied or legacy guns will only cause outrage 2.0 just like the first time so the only possible solution i can think of that can solve multiple problems at once (ruined market by dupers, lack of new long term content and meta diversity) is to introduce new legendaries able to compete with the few dominant ones. Some examples:



Healthy: 30% more damage if above 95% health, -20% damage if below 50% health

(An opposed alternative to Bloodied which is less risky but more challenging since you’re constantly forced to have max health in order to benefit it)

Heroic: 80% more damage while taking damage

(An alternative to sneaky stealth builds that forces you to be exposed to benefit it and having a huge damage boost in upfront face to face PvP and PvE)

Human: 50% more damage if you have no mutations

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(A helpful effect for the builds that don’t want mutations)

Marker: Marks enemies once you aim them

(Counter to Chameleon and Stealth Boy builds)

Energic: Refill AP bar by 20% after each kill

MAJOR MODIFIERS (the hardest part since explosive is king):

Double Range: increases the effective range

(Very useful for shotguns that have a natural small range or sniper rifles for a true sniper experience)

Stable: Recoil reduced by 80%

Bleeding: Enemies take damage over time


Unbreakable: Breaks 90% slower

Resourceful: 25% less ammo consumption

(Ex: for every 4 bullets shot one is “free”)

Focused: 15% more damage in VATS with 15% more AP cost per shot



Healthy: +1 to all stats if above 95% health, -1 to all stats if below 20% damage

Human: +25 Damage and Energy resistance if you are not mutated


Chem: Less AP drain while under the effect of chems

Immune: 20% less disease chance from animals and environment


Reactive: 10% less damage from explosives at the cost of its durability

(A full set of this paired with Fireproof should almost cancel any explosive damage forcing other players to diversify the legendary explosive guns meta)

What other new legendary effects would you like to see in the game?

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