What would be your ideal location for a Fallout game?

fallout 2 - What would be your ideal location for a Fallout game?

Personally, I'd like to see a game that takes place in New Mexico. New Mexico is where the first atomic bomb was tested IRL, which already has a lot going for it since nuclear-powered everything is the heart of Fallout as a whole.

The state is the most similar to Mexico in terms of culture out of all the states, which would be a nice change from the typical "Wholesome America of the 1950's" archetype of nearly all the other games but would still keep in the theme, it still being a state of the US and all. The closest we got to seeing Hispanic culture in a Fallout game was in New Vegas, with Raul (A ghoulifed Mexican), Petro Chiko (A Mexican gas company), and the architecture of the Sierra Madre. I would like to see a faction of organized Raiders with Day of the Dead facepaint, a holiday they believe to have a completely different meaning. Call them the Calaveras or Muertos or something cool like that. Their would be wild mutated chiles in certain spots of the map too :).


We could see the return of the Legion! Caesar claimed that he had New Mexico almost entirely under his control after all! I would imagine the New Mexico section of the Legion would be more unruly and disobedient without Caesar around to back them up. They'd probably build their own haphazard power armor or use some technology every now and again ;).

We could see the Reservation from Van Buren in an official game! This would probably be the only irradiated part of the map, since New Mexico is pretty rural and lacks a large population. it would probably put the Sentinel Site from Fallout 4 to shame in terms of the nuclear weaponry within.

Just like how Fallout 76 has creatures inspired by actual legends in West Virginia and Maryland, this game could do the same. Skinwalkers and La Lharona (The Weeping Woman) would be interesting to encounter, and I think New Mexico has more alien activity than any other state, with Roswell and Dulce. The Zetans would have a field day in this game.

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Other miscellaneous things could be included, like the mysterious Taos Hum, and Urraca Mesa.

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