What would you call Fallout’s aesthetic?

fallout 6 - What would you call Fallout's aesthetic?

So there's: – Steampunk – Victorian/Edwardian era styles and inspiration from industrial steam powered technology of the 19th century – Dieselpunk – 1920s to 1950s inspired clothing with inspiration from diesel powered machines of those times, mainly planes and tanks used in the world war – Dieselpunk 2.0 – A newer take on dieselpunk which instead takes inspiration from more modern machines, mainly cars. Focuses on the more grimy and pessimistic aspects of the era and popularized by the Mad Max franchise which took on a post apocalyptic time period – Retrofuturism – 1940s to 1960s art that focused on possible inventions of the future with highly imaginative and optimistic outlooks. Most notably shown in the Jetsons cartoon (1962) – Rockabilly – 1950s era fashion influenced by the music scene of the car. Featured pin up girls, swing dresses, and cars of the era.

So what does that make Fallout? The game is heavily inspired by nuclear fusion powered machines and is influenced by WW2 and the Cold War (so say 1950 to 1970). Its post-apocalyptic style is very similar to Dieselpunk 2.0 but the game was also heavily inspired by retrofuturism and rockabilly. So…. Retrofuturepunk? Nuclearpunk? Rockafuturism? What would you consider it


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