What you have to remember about Fallout 76

fallout 1 - What you have to remember about Fallout 76

It’s an MMO. The story line and quests aren’t super deep and they don’t need to be. I play ESO a lot and I’ve often felt the quests are so boring, but that’s not really why I play, or why a lot of people play I think. There is WAY more to do than just quests. Not to mention the events and challenges and such.

Also keep in mind that Fallout 76 is not the next game in the series after Fallout 4. It isn’t Fallout 5. It’s a fallout version for MMO, and once the full game is released I think people will find a lot of stuff to do and easily be putting hundreds of hours into the game.


Also I see a lot of people upset about the graphics, and while they aren’t “up to date” they aren’t awful. They’re nice enough for an MMO.

I think the main point isn’t story, or graphics, or pleasing everyone. It’s people having fun, playing with friends, exploring the HUGE map, crafting, building bases, modding everything. If you don’t like the game that’s fine, but you gotta cut it some slack. It doesn’t accomplish anything by trash talking the game and Bethesda because you don’t like it.


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