What’s New in the PTS – August 21, 2020

fallout 4 - What’s New in the PTS – August 21, 2020

We released a new patch for the PTS earlier today, which included several improvements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights from that update.

Design Updates

Legendary Perks

  • Based on community feedback that Legendary Perk upgrade prices felt too high, we’ve reduced the number of Perk Coins required for each rank:
    • Rank 2 reduced from 100 to 50 Perk Coins
    • Rank 3 reduced from 150 to 100 Perk Coins
    • Rank 4 reduced from 250 to 150 Perk Coins


  • Fast Travel: It is now free to Fast Travel to Foundation and Crater.
    • This was the case when this PTS phase began, but wasn’t noted originally.


  • Alien Blaster: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Shishkebab: Now deals Fire damage instead of Energy damage.

Bug Fixes

Art & Animation

  • Art: Ghillie Suit Armor Skins no longer block the player’s view in first person while using a Gatling Plasma.
  • Lighting: Corrected lighting issues that were affecting building interiors in Morgantown Trainyard.
  • Visual Effects: Fixed an issue that prevented Uplink Activators in Daily Ops from changing visual states as players make progress toward capturing them.

C.A.M.P. and Crafting

  • Wall Decor: The Legendary Run gameboard no longer disappears from the frame when build in players’ C.A.M.P.s.


  • Armor: The Pocketed Mod for the Raider Chest Piece no longer incorrectly grants more carry capacity than the Deep Pocketed Mod.
  • Gatling Gun: Fixed an issue that could cause an erroneous “crafting item unlocked” notification to appear when scrapping Gatling Guns.
  • Junk: Fixed a rare case where Junk items new characters receive after exiting Vault 76 could become lost when dropped on death.
  • Unarmed Weapons: Fixed an issue causing Unarmed Weapons to deal less damage than intended.
  • Underarmor: Fixed an issue allowing players to craft the Secret Service Camo Underarmor without knowing the Secret Service Underarmor Recipe.
  • Underarmor: Secret Service Underarmor Lining Mods can now be correctly applied to Secret Service Camo Underarmor.

Legendary Perks

  • Blood Sacrifice: Fixed an inconsistency in the Pip-Boy descriptions for different ranks of the Blood Sacrifice Legendary Perk effect.

Quests and Events

  • Ally: Crash Landing: Fixed an issue that could block quest progression during “Ally: Crash Landing.”
  • The Elusive Crane: Fixed an issue that could prevent “The Elusive Crane” from beginning after completing “Strength in Numbers.”
  • Waste Management: The Assaultron boss in The Burrows now scales up more appropriately with player levels.

Stability & Performance

  • Client Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when using the Pip-Boy.
  • Server Stability: Fixed a server crash that could occur during normal gameplay.

User Interface

  • Armor Ace: The Season S.C.O.R.E. board option in the Main Menu is now correctly labeled “Armor Ace.”
  • Daily Ops: The timed objective to “View Operation Report to Exit” after completing a Daily Op now appears correctly in the objective tracker.
  • Daily Ops: Fixed an issue that could prevent the Daily Ops tracker UI on the Map from updating after switching characters.
  • Daily Ops: Using VATS to kill remaining enemies after the Daily Ops boss is dead no longer causes the “Operation Complete” notification to reappear.
  • Daily Ops: The “Mission Complete” flyout notification no longer reappears when entering and exiting the Pip-Boy after completing a Daily Op.
  • Damage Numbers: Now appear correctly when using Grenades and Mines.
  • Notifications: Flyout notifications now appear correctly on the screen when completing Challenges.
  • Seasons: Reduced the size of Season rank progress bars and rank-up reward notifications so that they take up less space on the screen.
  • Seasons: Fixed an issue that prevented rank-up progress and rank reward notifications from appearing until the player exited their Power Armor.


  • Gauley Mine: Enemies and loot inside Gauley Mine now scale up more appropriately with player levels.


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