What’s the target audience of FO76?

fallout 7 - What's the target audience of FO76?

I've played the beta on a friend's xbox for a couple hours and watched quite a bit of the YT footage and one thing I can't figure out is… who is this game actually for?

It's not Fallout enough to retain the FO fan who loves the strong narrative driven SP game with interesting characters.

Survival mechanics aren't really relevant enough to attract the survival players.

It's kind of a looter shooter, but the shooting (and looting) is nothing spectacular compared to other games.

PvP is more of a nuisance than a feature, so a player interested in PvP will probably quickly leave for a more PvP oriented game.

You can play it solo, but it was clearly designed with a group experience in mind, and you can definitely feel that (especially during some of the objectives).

Exploring the wasteland with a friend? For a while, sure. Then what? There's zero replay value in exploration, you can't explore the same static thing twice. I've put thousands of hours into other BGS titles, it has nothing to do with exploration. I know the maps like the back of my hand at this point. I know there's an albino deathclaw on the way to Virgil. I know I'm gonna get destroyed by a behemoth when I get to Galaxy Radio. I know which areas in FNV to avoid so that I don't get wrecked. The draw was in the decisions it allows you to make. "Oh, this cool group of people hate me because of what I did, next time I play, I'll make them like me instead."


I feel like the game would have been so much more interesting if it offered different game modes. Survival mode? Sure, ramp up the survival elements to 11. PvP? Sure, increase the player count and let the players engage with anyone right away. It's as if they tried to make all the mechanics as inoffensive as possible so that if you don't enjoy it, you don't have to care much, making it feel very watered down in the process.

Most of the time I felt like I just got to this really amazing party 5 minutes after everybody else has left. I can see a ton of value in moderated private RP servers, if we ever actually get to see them in the first place, but aside from that I'm just not seeing any value in the game past the initial 20-50 hours of exploring, which is tragic for a live service game. Red Dead Online beta is coming in November, so there's that too.


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