When I wanted to make a fallout game

fallout 6 - When I wanted to make a fallout game

Around 2 years ago back when I was in a vocational school for 3D Art and Animation along with doing a side think for story writing I wanted to get a job at Bethesda and become the project lead on a new game, I had a story and factions written out along with 5 DLC plans. The game would have taken place in Texas, mainly Houston, Austin and San Antonio. At the time I figured by the time I would be a lead for something like this there would be a good 4 console generation leap so we could have the hardware to run 3 big maps in 1 game.

Houston tribes, Remnants- the remnants are the smallest faction but a strong one, these are survivors of a great Enclave Brotherhood of Steel battle. After the wars they had the surviving members of both started to realise how useless those wars where and how both sides left them for dead, now they act as hidden guardians of Houston and keep the peace from the shadows. The Company- The Company is a band of merchants who formed one of the largest trade routes through texas, they are like the crimson caravan of texas. They will have the most caps to offer you and try to stay on there good side as through them you can unlock a lot of jobs and make your way into there family. The Battalion- with the fall of the Legion in New Vegas one of the higher ups took a band of soldiers to texas to find land to claim but when they got there they cut all ties with the legion to take texas for themselves and soon started to take smaller towns and villages such as Amarillo and El Paso, they have made a name for themselves and are the evil option for the 3 city's but there are more evil ones. The Sisters of Blood- you might come across some rather attractive women in your travels but be warned if they carry a whip or a blade then you should run, the sisters of blood are a group of spys made up of only women and they are damn good at it, they have spys from here to The Commonwealth. Other then that little is known about them other then they will take any job if the caps are right.


San Antonio- Big Mountain did more then experiment on the Sierra Madre, what once was the pinnical of texas city's but now it's over run, the northern corner of the city is covered with the thick red fog, the southern is full of the Battalion but the north and east are home to 2 new factions. The Renegades- the renegades are lead by a women named Lunq Sol who's mission is to free the lands of San Antonio and let those who live in it to live free of rule, she wants a independent state and will kill for it. The Nuts and Bolts- a group of robots who want to live in peace from the fighting and fire of the war going on , they know of a place to build more of there kind and are willing to help you build a army of robots if you help them live in peace.

Austin- 3 nukes did a number to this city but the question for you to find is…where the nukes from china…or from America. The main faction of Austin is the Tech Unity lead by an old man if the rumors are right, he is said to have survived hell in the red city and is a god of technology. He rules with an iron fist but those under him seem to be happy with the nation he is trying to build. The Synth Collection, you will find this group of synths are more then meets the eye, they have adapted and modified there bodys with a number of modifications including built in stealth tech and the ability to transform there arms into heavy cannons. The Horsemen, a group of 4 people who are said to be the reapers of death but something is off, will you discover of the rumors are true…or if it's a jet filled hallucination

These where all still work in progress and I was still finishing getting all the ideas down before realizing I dont want to work at Bethesda after the past year, I'd love to make this game one day but right now as Bethesda is I'd keep my current gaming job

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