When Survival comes back, Make it REAL Survival

fallout 5 - When Survival comes back, Make it REAL Survival

Survival mode, in the other games of the series, has always been the hardest mode, by a long shot. The way it was in Fallout 76… To say the least, it wasn’t.

Locking fast travel to certain locations and your camp? Sure, that’s great… But allowing high level characters in? No increased hunger/thirst drain? No extra challenge? The only thing that really made it a challenge was when a bug ate your stims, for high level characters.

I’d personally like to see a Survival Mode more reminiscent of the other games. Some easy changes can help dramatically.

  1. New characters only.

Coming in with your level 100+, super high damage build isn’t going to make it a challenge. Not to diss the people who did that, but people who played with new characters in survival, they knew there was some challenge. Only a little bit more than the base game, but still.

Bringing in existing characters would negate the challenge entirely.

  1. Up the Danger

In other games, survival mode meant more health and damage for enemies. It’s a no-brainer – making strong enemies even stronger helps dramatically with this. In 76, the original was based around PVP, which isn't really what survival has ever been about. More about that later. There’s other methods they could do, such as:

  • Permanent & Deadlier Disease – Disease sticks around until cured. They could also make diseases more noticeable – increase their downsides further. Or have some lead to death, if not cured.
  • More Vectors of Disease – For example, looted items from a diseased enemy may carry that disease. Perhaps the Environmental Disease perk card lowers the chance. Or, add a way for players to sterilize items.

(As a side note, cannibal could give the Dark Craving addiction from previous games, and if not at a maximum rank, make players possibly catch disease from corpses.)

  • Faster Food and Water Drain – Self Explanatory. Makes you manage your resources more. Also leaves players more susceptible to disease.
  • Remove the new character benefits – This one is huge. The new character benefits of no disease and reduced fast travel cost (among others I can’t remember) would make the first levels easier. Kick that shit outta here! You don’t need a cushion!

(Another side note – If they made a new intro, players could start near the Vault in an instanced area, without a PipBoy until they reach the end. This would make players start with no cushion at all. While interesting, it’s not essential.)

  • More Legendaries, and More Loot – If you're going to make it harder, legendaries are a good tool. Perhaps make legendaries more diverse – not all rank ones do the same thing. Green glow gives them crazy regen. A yellow glow makes the enemy emit radiation. A red one boosts their damage significantly. A three-star could have all three. This legendary diversity idea is a bit more of a pipe dream, but more legendaries should be a thing.
  • Raise Vendor Prices, Rare Goods – Vendors are an easy way to come up with
  1. Don't focus it on PVP

Before the pitchforks and torches come out, let me explain. Survival Mode is meant to be a challenge for all players. It shouldn't be tailored to the needs and wants of one section. I think PVP in survival if balanced correctly and fairly would be fun for all players. I won't get into my opinion on it, because I know the shit show that starts, but perhaps some buffs to melee to be able to survive a bit against ranged players. I personally loved the thrill of the hunt back when survival was based on Survival Score, with other players on your tail. When it wasn't people who could delete you in two seconds. That's not really fun for the player being chased. Maybe the top three get some kind of buff, to make them more tanky?

I've seen suggestions to make legendary weapons not apply in PVP… Not sure my thoughts on that, but I wanted to mention it, at least. My opinion on this is if it's done for only PVP in survival, it could be fine, if it's locked to new characters like I've already suggested.

  1. One Particular Build Needs Nerfing.

I'm talking about bloodied builds. I have nothing against the players that use the build, but one-shotting every enemy, and doing thousands of points of damage at fast speeds… Not exactly balanced. I can't and won't speak from a PVP standpoint, because I'm not engaged in it and don't know about it. But being able to do that much damage to enemies so fast… It either needs to be nerfed in survival, or the legendaries and cards that enable it to be so strong be nerfed.

For example, Unyielding. +3 to all stats except endurance when low health. If players were to grind out a full set of this (which I have no doubt will happen) they could get +15 to their Special Stats. That's… Absurd. With no other food, drink, or chem bonuses, they could go from 15 to 30 strength. The damage increase is strong enough with the boost from Bloodied Legendaries and Cards. It'd make the challenge non-existent. If it was only +1 strength, however, it'd be much more balanced.

EDIT: Please keep in mind, I do not PVP or run a bloodied build. If I am wrong about something, by all means, let me know. This is my opinion based on what I seen in game and on this subreddit. Additionally, if it wasn't clear, this is more for PVE rather than PVP.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'd appreciate comments and feedback. Preferably constructive ones. If you feel I am wrong on a point, don't be condescending or an ass. That's uncalled for.

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