Where is the moral ambiguity in The Pitt?

fallout 2 - Where is the moral ambiguity in The Pitt?

Ashur has

  1. Enslaved people and put them into BDSM gear (normal clothing would have been just fine, Ashur… We don't need all of these belts, Ashur.)
  2. Is fine with people being fed their mutated loved ones
  3. Forced his slaves to do work that is cruel even by most real life slave standards (near naked working near incredibly hot machinery, in irradiated disease spreading atmosphere, in the presence of horrible monsters, under supervision of complete lunatics )
  4. The absolute insane idea of putting ludicrous amounts of work into fixing this absolute hellhole when he could move like four kilometres away and just start a normal settlement with maybe some dedicated scavengers for the Pitt which would take much less work, have much less problems, be much more morally acceptable and wouldn't require slavery to keep the population willing to work. He could even try to cure the disease outside of the place and then when that is done go back in under much better conditions.
  5. made things even more cruel by providing a chance of escaping slavery… BY BRUTAL DEATH BATTLES DESIGNED TO BE EXTRA DOUBLE DANGEROUS WITH RADIATED BARRELS DROPPING DOWN, HOLY FU*KING SHIT!!!! How does the existence of a Steel Mill justify this deeply evil system?
  6. a wife who would feed my fingers to her child if I so much as sneezed at the baby. I mean okay… Maybe I can't quite fault her for that in the Fallout universe. But still.
  7. The deep conviction that what he is doing is definitely the right course and he can not be convinced that maybe, just maybe he might be a little ideological misguided.

I would call the man pure and absolute evil. He has no justification for executing his ideas in the specific ways he is doing it. I have absolutely no positive feelings for his megalomania.

I know the Fallout 3 writers had some problems with writing good endings to main quests (It's your Destiny, fam. You NEED to kill yourself. I can't just go in there when it's your DESTINY!!!)

But where the heck is the ending where I shoot Wernher in the kneecaps for even thinking I would leave the slaves there instead of leading them on a complete exodus. There is already an organisation of former slaves in the Capital Wasteland that would probably love to have more people that understand their plight bolstering their ranks.

But because that ending doesn't exist (for SOME REASON), Wernher is just as evil as Ashur.

There is no moral ambiguity. Everyone is a fu*king as*hole.

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