Which Fallout fan are YOU?

fallout 2 - Which Fallout fan are YOU?

I've discovered there are more than a few different types of Fallout fans out there, and I wanted to know which types dominate the subreddit, here are the types of Fallout fans I've discovered over the years:

The "Boomer" fanIn short, these guys ONLY like Fallout 1 & 2, and despise all other Fallout games, even Tactics. They tolerate New Vegas, but ultimately just can't stand the switch to FPS. And it's not just the games themselves, they even hate the direction the lore went. Either they've been with Fallout since 1997 and are cranky old men, or are one of those "I hate my generation" type people.
The "Compromise" fan (I personally identify with this one)These guy's favorite Fallout games are Fallout 3 & New Vegas, they are also more open with the other games, unlike the "Boomer". Their first Fallout game was likely Fallout 3, then played New Vegas later on, discovering that it's not just a carbon copy of 3. They HAVE attempted to play the older installments, and actually like the lore, but the much different, rather boring turn-based system, compared to the much more action-packed and eventful FPS style of 3 and NV, just turns them off. On the other side, they have attempted Fallout 4, and actually prefer the gameplay, but the story just turns them off (it's also possible their PC just isn't good enough to run 4). They've also most likely seen all those "Fallout 3 bad" videos, but the nostalgia from playing the game as a youngster just prevents them from hating Fallout 3, and are able to overlook the clunky gameplay.
The "New" fanThese guys are fairly-brand new to Fallout. Either their first Fallout game was Fallout 4, or the first Fallout game they really got invested into was Fallout 4. These guys really aren't too concerned of the story or lore or whatever, and mainly focus on the modernized gameplay and graphics, at least when compared to the older games. As a result of only focusing on gameplay and graphics, they actually like Fallout 76, and overlook all the bugs and whatever controversy that Bethesda ends up in.
The "Jack of all trades" fanThese fans are pretty self-explanatory, they like all the Fallout games, for different reasons. They see the Fallout games for what they are, video games, and enjoys all of them, whether they be turn-based, real time strategy, FPS, multiplayer, etc etc.
The "Minority/Joker" fanThese fans are almost always 100% memeing, but it is possible you may find someone who's favorite Fallout game is either an obscure Fallout game, like Brotherhood of Steel or Van Buren, or one that is almost universally despised, like Fallout 76, or if they REALLY feel like embracing the meme, will say something like Fallout Shelter or Fallout Monopoly…


So I just have to ask, which one of these best resembles who YOU are as a Fallout fan?

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