WHITESPRING_MODUS: All hands meeting transcript. -Current Enclave Operations-

fallout 3 - WHITESPRING_MODUS: All hands meeting transcript. -Current Enclave Operations-



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— Decoding Complete…


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Although this meetings attendance was…required, we would like to thank you for your attendance and would like to address the current state of… our little Enclave. Currently we have… 8 active operations.

-Repair connection with Raven Rock facility- -Priority High-

-Repair connection with Poseidon Oil facility- -Priority Low-

-Recon of incoming targets- -Priority High-

-Rescue/Extraction of Recon team Hotel- -Priority 1-

-Expansion of Coil based weaponry- -Team Specific-


-Continue research of D. Harper- -Team Specific-

-Kovac-Muldoon Optimization- -Priority High-

We will only be addressing a…Handful… of the active operations during today's all hands.

The Kovac-Muldoon… While operational is in need of system optimization. teams are… actively looking into the support satellites code.

We would like to recognize the engineering team. Engineering has been able to… repair and reverse engineer….older and damaged files in the database. The resulting data will directly affect the Enclaves hold on the area in the coming months a…squabble deterrent. While we don't anticipate any interference with our operations, currently we have…little to no intelligence on the incoming threats. This expansion of Coil based weaponry will first come in the form of a large ordnance. Unfortunately due to our… current… production capabilities.


Connection with Raven Rock has shown to be… futile. All of our facilities communication equipment dedicated to Raven Rock communication has been confirmed to be in working order. The facility itself at this time has been considered… lost. Communications teams will continue to send signals on… Omega band

Recon team Alpha and Delta are on schedule with recon operations… Nothing abnormal reported.

Recon team hotel has reported… Hostile activity in the area. Supplies were dispatched to their location for assistance. Rescue team Echo has been dispatched to extract Hotel and the samples Hotel are to acquire of the new…Cryptid threat. Hotel has been seen on area scans entering a cave for cover and is awaiting the arrival of Echo. Echo is…slower… in their X-01 suits and will take around…twice the time to get to Hotel as it did for hotel to arrive at their current location. Medical teams and research teams will be informed when Hotel and Echo arrive for… assistance and sample testing.

We would like to thank you for attention during this meeting and hope you have enjoyed the…blamco mac and cheese that was provided.

If you have any concerns, please don't…hesitate to speak to us in one of the private meeting rooms we are connected to.

Have a pleasant day…Members


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