Who did your Courier become? (NV Obviously)

fallout 2 - Who did your Courier become? (NV Obviously)

The Courier, this thread is a bit different to my sole survivor thread since you have a more clear starting area for that character. Anyway with The Courier, a wasteland wanderer, traveling all over the west coast and establishing a supply route and inevitably causing destruction in a pre war military installation. The courier was then picked as the 6th Courier, and the one to deliver a platinum chip to the Vegas strip by way of freeside. When that man in the checkered suit had them on their knees, robbed of everything down to their clothes was then shot in the head twice, left to die, this is something that would cause anyone to become a new person they wouldn’t otherwise become. So who did your Courier become?


My Courier, a man named Jack woke up in a bed, in a house owned by a man named Doc Mitchel who saved his life after the robbery. Jack grew up on a settlement far to the east, in the main state of Maine, near a dock allowing for easy-ish travel to Far Harbor. Jack one day was forced out of his settlement by raiders, him and his older brother upon seeing their parents murdered by raiders were forced to run into the wasteland being only 18 (Jack) and 22 (His older brother Josh). Years went on, exploring much of the old world, becoming scavengers across the wastes, living on many different people’s farms and homesteads, until one passing trader mentioned a place far, far to the west called the New California Republic, a group of people trying to rebuild the old world. Jack and his brother back on that settlement had learned how to farm, live off the land, operate firearms, and properly read, allowing both of them to be smarter than the average wastelander. Jack and his brother now 24 (Jack) and 28 (His brother) wanted to help with this group of people trying to rebuild, so leaving Boston, MA heading farther west than they had first planned to make for the NCR to help rebuild. Jacks brother died to one of the dust storms in the Great Midwest Commonwealth because of some deathclaws who got the better of him. Jack continued to head west for his brothers memory, equipped with a hunting rifle and a .44 caliber revolver with leather armor on he made his way through northern Arizona, across the Colorado and in 2278 arrived in the Mojave. He signed on as a courier to get payed for wandering from place to place as a mailman. When he woke up, he found more of his supplies had been kept safe, and the doctor and robot managed to secure some of his supplies, his rifle, his revolver and his armor. He was filled with something new, vengeance to find the man who shot and robbed him, and kill him. Along the way he proves quite useful to the NCRs goals, he wants to help them anyway he can, upon getting to the strip and meeting House he doesn’t know the man in anyway, not willing to trust his words, he also dislikes yes man considering he’d be putting an ai in charge of an army of missile launching robots. So the NCR is his main choice because they fight for normal settlers to live a normal life, and plus he’s keeping his brothers memory alive. So now I've given my Courier, so who is yours? What did they become when they were shot?

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Side note: I do use console commands because I like to have some form of proper weapons, skills and armor considering most wastelanders would have that, and Benny only likely cared about the chip and his caps, his weapons, armor, and ammo probably weren’t high on the priority list for Benny

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