“Why am I so heavy?” – A guide to carry weight/Stash space

fallout 3 - "Why am I so heavy?" - A guide to carry weight/Stash space

StrongBack - "Why am I so heavy?" - A guide to carry weight/Stash space

"Why am I so heavy?"

This is a guide to carry weight/Stash space, especially for new and intermediate players, but experienced players might get some useful tips out of it as well.

  • Check your Ammo tabs in your inventory and Stash, and dump everything you don't use (or are saving up). Preferably near someone on your team who can make use of the ammo you're getting rid of, of course. Or convert it to ammo that you do use, with the Ammo Converter.

  • Check your Misc tabs, and dump all small quantities of unused ore. If you have more than a few ore pieces left, go to a Chemistry station and smelt them. Also use up most of your Gunpowder to craft ammo. Then sort by weight and check for other items that have weight.

  • Check your Aid tabs. Get rid of unwanted Aid by selling it to a robot vendor or by simply dropping it. Keep up to 10 of the most common items like Purified Water or drugs like Buffout. Keep up to 25 for high usage or rare items like RadAway and Psychotats. Keep up to 25-50 (Super-)Stimpaks, depending on your Strength and Endurance. Again, sort by weight afterwards to check if you've missed any heavy items left.

  • Scrap non-legendary weapons and armor at a workbench. Equip the perk card Scrapper for extracting more junk. And scrap useless Mods too, because you don't need Baseball Bat mods if you never use Melee weapons, for example.

  • Get rid of legendary weapons and armor you don't need at a scrip machine (Legendary Vendor). Sort by weight to get rid of heavier items first. If you have Legendary items which are more than decent, put them up for sale in your own Vending Machine for a more long-term solution to clearing your Stash.

  • Play around with the Bandolier and maybe Traveling Pharmacy perk cards (in Strength). This will greatly reduce the weight of ballistic ammo and chems in your inventory only. Often so much so, that having the ammo and chems in your inventory is more beneficial than storing it in your Stash. Don't use Strong Back (because the bonus is not good enough) or Pack Rat (because you should store your Junk), as you're better off getting more useful cards for combat. If you run around in Power Armor often, or use weapons that consume Fusion Cores, consider equipping Batteries Included (and maybe Power User) in Intelligence.

  • Consider getting the Grocers' Backpack mod from the Settlers (Samuel) or the Chemist Backpack mod from the Raiders (Mortimer) to mod your backpack and decrease respectively food or chem weight by 90%. Does not stack with Perk Cards. You need to have Friendly reputation with either faction to get access to the mod. An alternative is the High Capacity Backpack mod from the Tadpole challenges, but that one will also lower your Energy and Radiation Resistance.

  • If you don't have Fallout 1st to dump your Junk in a Scrap Box, keep a maximum of 50 junk pieces for common junk and 100 for Wood. Keep up to 200 for rarer junk: Adhesive, Gears, Fiber Optics and Ballistic Fiber, plus Black Titanium and Ultracite if you make use of those. Two types of junk are worth keeping up to 1,000 of: Springs and Screws. How much Acid, Lead and Steel you should keep depends on your play style, as the more ammo you craft, the more you need, so adjust between 200-1,000. Same for Plastic, depending on how much you bulk or craft, so adjust between 100-400.

  • Bulk especially any excess Aluminum, Copper and Oil to sell, as those give you the most caps for common junk. Other junk with a high value, which can't be bulked, include Gold and Silver. Bulk Aluminum (10 per one Bulk item) and Lead (20 per one Bulk item) you don't plan to sell right away, because those benefit from a weight decrease when bulked, while other junk does not.

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