Why are the people of Foundation so utterly whiny?

fallout 7 - Why are the people of Foundation so utterly whiny?

"I'm so sick of these thorn bushes!"

"I can't believe I have to wait a whole other hour for this food to reheat."

"Ohh, I'm all out of water!"

"Aubrey, has been bitchin' about this medical scanner."

"I can't believe I lost my Nuka Tapper saves!"

"I don't call you by things you don't want to be called!"

"At least it's nice outside."

I know I've missed some of the more choice remarks made by the people of Foundation, but I've got to say that there's no reason to support these people. The player is given this choice between a rich story with the Crater Raiders and the weak representation of a 'good guy' in the form of Foundation.

I've been just going to get the foundation rep on one of my characters and I've noticed how much more the people of Foundation whine than the Raiders do. How the heck did this group of people even get off their couches to return to Appalachia with their attitudes? They're awful and the player isn't given a legitimate payoff (aside from the Gauss shotgun and Farmable tiles) or a reason to support their side in Wastelanders, unlike the numerous instances of sympathy that you're offered through the Crater questline.

If the objective was to create a 'gray area' where the player could fill in their own interpretation then it's an abject failure.

The Settlers are so whiny and uninteresting that even since siding with them, I'd love to see them utterly fail and disappear from Appalachia. Their motives are poorly realized and poorly established, at least you know where you stand with the Raiders – kill or be killed, and accept everyone. It's made clear through the storyline that's the credo of Crater.


Meanwhile in Foundation…

"Civilization is being rebuilt in Foundation!"

"People will be wanting to set up settlements like Foundation."

Ward: "We've got a bunch of these water purifiers, but it's the principle" or "Screw them, they don't need potable water."

There's so much conflicting ideology in the views of Foundation that the player nearly has to side with Crater.

I've played both sides at this point, and this viewpoint is formed after so many reputation quests it's silly. I just feel like the Settlers at large are too whiny. You can't say that these people are "made of sterner stuff" or that they're "rebuilding civilization" because they are whining they way through your interactions.

I've been trying to come to a consensus why they're designed this way by Bethesda. Foundation is a good idea overall, but the execution is poor – is that on purpose? Is the developer wanting you to side with Foundation, are they biased against them from a creative viewpoint?

Other than the players own moral fiber, the knowledge of Raiders from previous games, there is no reason to side with Foundation after you get to know them. No costs to the player or to Foundation have been presented through the game. You play through their quests, it's only you're enlisting them to do what you, the player, want them to do. You don't learn a single thing about them or why you should care about them.

It's become obvious that Bethesda wants you to side with The Crater.

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