Why are the side quests in Fallout 4 so bad?

fallout 2 - Why are the side quests in Fallout 4 so bad?

So recently I played Fallout 4 for the first time and for the whole-main quest I was satisfied. Settlement-building was fun and I enjoyed the main quest. The main problem for me was the side quests. It's like they expected us to be satisfied with the radiant quests so they decided to put no effort into the actual side quests.

The worst one I've encountered so far is the Mayor McDonough quest, In Sheep's Clothing. They could have done something interesting, McDonough could have been an innocent man having a mental breakdown because of the accusations of being a synth. It could have shown the effects of all the fear around the institute but no, he's a synth, he's angry, open and shut. Very compelling.


Let's talk about the quest in the museum of witchcraft, you enter the basement and you hear roaring, stomping, and all types of ruckus upstairs. iT sOuNDs kInD oF lIkE A dEaThClAw. You make it upstairs and- who would have guessed! It's a Deathclaw. They build up this sPoOkY mystery and all they have is a Deathclaw. Once again, they failed to have any surprise.

The good side quests are few and far between, Confidence Man, The Cabot Quests, and The Eddie Winter quest are all fun, interesting quests. Why couldn't they all have that amount of effort?


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