Why are you rushing through the game?

fallout 3 - Why are you rushing through the game?

Is anyone else ready for the everyone to get tired of the game and move on?

I play single player games and online games very differently. I'm used to online games being about the journey and teamwork and experience with people i meet. Single player games, I want the story, the action, the gear, but I'm usually done in a week or two.

I feel like there is a good portion of the fanbase here that is playing this game like a single player game. They rush through the story and are getting bored. They sit and complain about not enough content etc. I've been playing since a few days after launch and I still have so much more in this game to do. I literally go to work, then come home and play Fallout 76. I spend so too much time here. I am having so much fun and I still have unexplored areas of the map.


If you rush through this game, you are not going to enjoy this game. Sit back, take your time, explore places slower (or a second time) Another tip might be to make a hobby in game. I have also been enjoying making my loading screen more fun and interesting. I take my time while playing and end up finding cool things to take pictures of. Whether it be teddy bears in a funny scene (they are everywhere and I love them) or a pretty landscape, or even just me with a cool outfit in an interesting setting.

Slow down and enjoy the game. You have only yourself to blame for not enjoying an online game.

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