Why do people at r/FO76 have Stockholm Syndrome?

fallout 8 - Why do people at r/FO76 have Stockholm Syndrome?

I'm un subbing from it. Every time I would post a legitimate concern and complaint I had about the game, I would get mass down voted. It's like you can't say anything at all that's slightly negative about the game. I was REALLY keeping my hopes up about Fo76. I pre ordered. I played the BETA. I played for about 150 hours, before I returned the game for a refund because, for ME, it was unplayable.

Yet, when I voice my concerns, instead of a collective "yeah, you're right. tag Bethesda so that they listen to yours, as well as all our concerns", I got a collective: "Fallout 76 is the best game ever. It's the best Fallout game. I'm having a blast. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. etc. etc."

I'm not a super Fallout fanboy. In fact, my favorite is Fallout 4 (yes, I've played all of them, ad nauseum. currently playing Fo3 for the 3rd time, clocking in at over 120 hrs so far).

I know I have some unpopular opinions. But the people over there is like they have Stockholm Syndrome. Like Bethesda can't do wrong at all, and like EVERYONE should be grateful that Bethesda gave us another Fallout game.


Honestly, I would be heartbroken if Fallout 5 never came out, and Bethesda went broke after 76. But also, honestly, I would appreciate it for what it is, and what it was, and move on. Especially now that Outer Worlds is coming out, giving us the fan service that we "deserve" out of a Fallout game….that's not Fallout.

I hope they get their s- together. But more so, ESPECIALLY because Fo76 is ALL ABOUT the community of players…I hope THE COMMUNITY gets the s- together, and stop blindly and irrationally supporting a broken, un-fun, obnoxious, worthlessly grindy, story-less, pointless game.

I've kept in contact with "Friends" I made playing the game. They've actually said "Game's too grindy. I don't fault you for leaving. You're probably better off."

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