Why do so many people on this subreddit have an obsession with trashing the Brotherhood?

fallout 2 - Why do so many people on this subreddit have an obsession with trashing the Brotherhood?

It's crazy. I see people here compare the Brotherhood to Nazis, and radically downvote people who try to defend them. Even in Fallout 4, the Brotherhood is not evil. Morally questionable? Sure. But not evil.

Look at the groups they target in the Fallout games:

  • Feral ghouls: Obvious threats to everyone.
  • Sane ghouls: The Brotherhood ideologically is against them, which makes sense. Every single sane ghoul comes with the risk of going insane and murdering people. This is a NIGHTMARE for any functioning society. That being said, they are actually quite lenient. Danse likes it when you help the ghoul boy in the fridge. The Brotherhood doesn't massacre or needlessly hurt sane ghouls in the wasteland.
  • Synths: Regardless of your opinion on how 'human' synths are, there is no question that it is a complicated issue. The Brotherhood has just invaded the commonwealth, and they are battling an evil foe with an army made entirely of synths, which is also the only source of synths. Patton said that 'a good plan now is better than a perfect plan next week.' The Brotherhood doesn't have the luxury of debating complex philosophical issues. They have a war to win, and they have taken a decisive, 'better safe than sorry' position, which, contrary to what most say, is defendable. It is just plain stupid to expect the Brotherhood to enter a war zone against an enemy that they know nothing about, and then take a humanitarian position regarding a tiny group created solely to serve their enemy.
  • Super mutants: They're total abominations. They pillage settlements, have a superiority complex, and are all around dangerous. In FNV there are good Super Mutants, however I would like to remind you that we don't actually see the Brotherhood try to target these guys.
  • The Institute: Homicidal kidnappers that create slaves. The Brotherhood is doing everyone a favor here.
  • The Enclave: Actual Nazis. They want to kill everyone. Again, thank you BoS.


And don't forget, in Fo4 the Brotherhood has you clear out supernatants, feral, and synths. This is indisputably good for wastelanders, who we see live in fear of these creatures. We see that technology is generally pretty bad in Fallout. Look at the bad guys in the various games: the Institute, the Enclave, even the pre war government. They all used technology irresponsibly, and ruined countless lives in the process. The BoS' values are based on clear precedent.

People say Elder Maxson is a vicious tyrant. While his morality can be discussed, it's irrational to condemn him as a fascist evildoer. Think about this: when he finds out Danse is a synth, a person who Brotherhood creed clearly labels a threat and an abomination, he can be convinced to let Danse live. And then he still gives the Sole Survivor a promotion! He, a leader whose unwavering obedience to his values and principles has been crucial to strengthen and direct the Brotherhood, is open enough to put his beliefs aside and allow Danse to live. Nobody can put themselves in his shoes. If they could, they would see that what he did took willpower and openness not seen in most.

And one more thing. The Brotherhood formed because the US was using the FEV on innocents. Their existence came about because of an act of bravery and defiance of a clear evil.

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