Why do the servers always crash at the worst time possible.

fallout 2 - Why do the servers always crash at the worst time possible.

I don't get server crashes a lot but when I do it's always at the worst moment possible. I haven't counted how many times I have had these crashes but I can honestly say that about 80% of them happen in the middle of a quest and just after I have died. In both cases I lose time and resurces which is irritating at least for me. For example yesterday I decided to launch a nuke for the first time, burned threw 400 rounds of 5.56., About 15 stimpacks, all of my food and water and about an hour of my time. After getting to the launch room and starting up the launch prep my game crashed… fu*king great. So yesterday after this crash I decided that I will, no matter how many crashes launch a nuke to "finish" the main quest line. After that I will quit playing 76 until they make the game and its servers actually stable to play on. Now don't get me wrong I love 76 but I can't enjoy it when crashes like these ruin my fun. I want real performance improvements, not this patch note bullcrap saying that the performance has been improved even though it's not noticeable or even worse than before the patch. I know it's Bethesda and they always have had laggy games but I have to draw the line somewhere and you probably should too.


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