Why does Fallout have to be ruined?

fallout 7 - Why does Fallout have to be ruined?

I'll start off by saying that in case you didn't immediately roll your eyes and scroll through because of the title, this isn't about the bugs, the glitches, the marketing fails, or any of the other complaints about 76. This is based on a horrible in-game experience that's really made me so disappointed with a franchise I've followed for years.

When 76 was announced, I was over the moon. Being able to build a community and interact with other characters as we explore the wasteland and rebuild? Hell yes, sign me up. I've been playing since the BETA and admittedly, I play slow. I don't farm, I don't try to "win" the game. I adore Bethesda for the rich world they build for their players. The time and energy that goes into the in-game mythos and story telling- it's incredible to me. So I play the game as I enjoy it, slowly and methodically.

So I'm playing and I decided to claim a few workshops. I need some food and some materials and it's quiet on my server and they haven't been claimed by the other few players who've been here for hours. I'm doing my thing and I see my workshop is being intruded. Ok, whatever. I do not enjoy PVP so go ahead, I won't contest. But no, that's not happening tonight. The workshop is claimed and then the players decided to hunt me down. I was not very far from the workshop as I was collecting stuff to scrap and cook. These players with perma-mutations, levels ridiculously higher than my piddly character, weapons that don't exist in the game decided I definitely needed to be targeted. I tried to fight back to give myself a chance to run away not realizing that when you do that you open the PVP options and, well, we can guess what happened there. It didn't bother me too much, I figured okay I'll respawn and not seek revenge because I don't need to waste my caps. They took my dropped loot but that's not a problem, I'll just find more. When I respawn, lo and behold, the other workshop I have claimed is getting taken over. That's fine, have them both, I don't care. But no, not tonight. Tonight I'm going to be hunted down again and mercilessly destroyed like a level 1 mole rat. Seeing my female character beat by three dudes in game wasn't something particularly fun so I shut the game off for the night with a pretty bad feeling overall.


And that's what leads me to my initial complaint- why is Fallout being allowed to be ruined? I'm cut from the cloth of gamers that enjoy their stories and getting through a game at your own pace, aligning with the creators' intended story. But with the advent of gaming like GTA, Call of Duty, Gears of War it introduced a brand new way of playing which is awesome in its own right. And so you bring this new style of player into an RPG-based world and of course there's going to be differences. I don't hate this type of playing. What I do hate is that there's no way to seemingly stop the gaming of the system and isolating the people who want to exploit the game for Twitch hits and to wow their followers from the people who are here to enjoy another foray into the wasteland. Am I excited to partner with random players to complete 'I am become death' when I'm ready? Absolutely. Will I use that mission as a way to farm the game over and over again? No. I don't judge people who do, if that is fun for you then please go ahead and do it. Just leave the players who want to team up and play the game their way out of your perversion of the game.

TL;DR- allowing people to farm the game lets them pick on players who don't want to do that, leading to a pretty disillusioned portion of the Fallout fanbase.

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