Why Fallout 5 should take place in Fallout 76’s West Virginia

fallout 7 - Why Fallout 5 should take place in Fallout 76's West Virginia

The world and all the assets are already there, so it won't take Bethesda years to make. All they'll have to do is Add NPCs, Fix Bugs, and then make a story that works. They can still have Fallout 76, it takes place 25 years after the great war. They could make it where Fallout 5 takes place 225 years after the great war and we can see how much everything has changed between 76 and 5 in the 200 years that passed.

So in Fallout 76 the goal is to kill the Scorched Beast that plagued and ruined the area. But there's also a lot of other stuff going on. Like with the Strangle Vines. Basically crazy ass Vault Experiment results in their GEEK going boom, and sends these semi-sentient vines spreading all throughout The Mire. They're cool as shit looking and honestly probably the best part of 76.

So, for Fallout 5 here's what you do. The Scorched Beasts were dealt with and no longer an issue. However it's been 200 year and the Strangle Vines have been growing non-stop the entire time and now pose a threat to all of Mankind. It would also give Bethesda a change to update the entire Fallout 76 map to give it a fresh new look and utilized the unique creatures that were underused in Fallout 76.


While most Fallout games start off in a Vault. With 2 and New Vegas being the exception. Fallout 5 would instead start off inside a Brotherhood of Steel bunker. You're a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate and you get sent out with a large scouting party to the Area for investigating. Naturally everything goes to shit and the Party wipes on their first Raid and you're the Sole Survivor.

So you'd have to explore the area. Find new tribes or settlements of people that have learned to adapt and live with the Strangle Vines. Maybe have the Major faction or Settlement be a descendant of the Vault 76 Dwellers. Your goal would still be to Stop the Strangle Vine threat, however, Majority of the wastelanders living there Don't want the Vines gotten rid of as they've grown dependent upon them. You'd have to either find a way to convince them that the vines are dangerous, or exterminate them.

Of course however, there's no guarantee that the Vines are even a Threat. You're just a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate trying to complete his mission. The Brotherhood has told you the Vines are a Threat, and so that's what you believe.

Let me know what you think of this idea, And anything that could be added to it that would improve upon it.


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