Why Fallout 76’s Audio Logs Suck

fallout 1 - Why Fallout 76's Audio Logs Suck

We all know this at this point, Fallout 76's audio logs kinda suck. But I felt it was worth going into detail on why they suck.

So Fallout 76 primarily uses Audio Logs (called Holotapes) to tell it's story, but there's a few things wrong with it. Now before going any further I wanna say one thing: there's nothing necessarily wrong with using audio logs in a game, when done well they work out pretty nice (The Bioshock games for example). So I think the big issue is FO76 uses them as the primary method of storytelling instead of the secondary. Audio logs work best when they work alongside the story rather than work as the story.

Second off, they're kinda just boring, going back to Bioshock you got interesting audio logs that really delved into the world and helped enrich the story of the game, here they're just kinda eh because the characters they have don't really add anything.


Third, there's the fact that it breaks the one rule of storytelling "Show, Don't Tell", because of the fact that the game can only use audio it cant really do much to show you how characters act or how something went it has to rely on one person telling you through a recording.

Finally it is not a proper substitute for NPCs and the like because instead of creating interesting (or at least somewhat interesting in the case of FO4) conversations that are a 2 way dynamic, you're just getting talked at while you shoot at the 100th scorched you encountered.

So now that I've finished writing this mini-rant I wanna hear your thoughts, do you agree or disagree?

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