Why Fallout New Vegas is my Favorite Game of All Time and Why it is the Best in The Series in my Opinion

fallout 1 - Why Fallout New Vegas is my Favorite Game of All Time and Why it is the Best in The Series in my Opinion

Hello all

I hope all of you are having a good day, after the recent tumult with 76 (A game which I frankly have a good time with) I decided to replay New Vegas, and after finishing a Brand New Anarchist Play-through, I wanna share about why I love this game so much, and why I feel it is the best in the series, and yes this can come off as circle-jerky, but I don't care, I'm an avid user of r/Gamingcirclejerk and frankly it would give me a good chuckle if it ended up on there, so, do your thing guys, and yes I know if you checked my comment history, I said that we should shut up about the game, but y'know what, I rescind that, for a few reasons, One- I fu*king love this game to high heavens and I want to endlessly replay it, and Two- It has loads of personal meaning to me.

Now that, that is out of the way. Fallout New Vegas is one of the greatest video games ever made, a hugely important game in my life and has helped me through a ton of bad times, and a shining example and a game that defines the Action-RPG Genre along games such of the like as KOTOR, Morrowind, Gothic, etc. for a number of reasons. Obsidian in 2010 while under heavy time and work constraints in a development cycle of only 18 months which caused corners to be cuts and for the game to come out as a technical mess, where some bugs still are today, but once you can get past all of that, the game they delivered was not only meeting quality expectations set by Fallout 3, but it even surpassed them for miles, leaving us with one of the Greatest video games ever conceived despite all of the technical and time constraint fluff. Obsidian Crafted a modern masterpiece worthy of endless praise.

The Characters in this game are some of the most well written I have seen in a video game, if you gave me an assignment to write biopics on each of them, I could come back with a 10 page biopic on each of them whether it be Boone's quiet persona slowly opening up to you about the horrors of war to you as you trek across the Mojave, or Caesar's High and Mighty Ramblings of Hegelian Dialectics and the nature of man. Nearly every character in this game is interesting to talk to, interesting to uncover, etc. Granted there are some characters that serve as Quest Givers with no real depth besides maybe one character trait, the characters that are fleshed out are arguably better than the people met in Fallout 1 and 2, and Isometric dialogue heavy RPGs, and that is frankly INSANE to think about, since with this game you have more people spending time on the game-play as opposed to writing and world-building, and the fact that they were able to meet or arguably surpass the level of character depth shown in Fallout 1 and 2 is frankly mind-boggling.


Every Choice you Make has a consequence, seriously, let me say that again, *EVERY CHOICE YOU MAKE HAS A CONSEQUENCE* Whether it be from whipping up a ragtag group of NCR misfits to perform better, or Choosing a side in the 2nd battle of Hoover Dam, this game makes you feel like your choices have weight, more so than in Fallout 3, yes you have the Power of the Atom choice but it's frankly a dumb one, since it boils down to "Hey Save my Town and get a small amount of money and a house" or "NUKE AN ENITRE FU*KING CITY IRRADIATING AN ENTIRE PART OF THE MAP AND KILLING ALL OF ITS INHABITANTS BECAUSE IT DOESN'T LOOK NICE, you also get a little more money and okay suite" and it's frankly dumb, since no rational human being would come to that conclusion, and there there is barely any repercussions besides losing maybe 3 vendors which players barely go to (besides the doc, which I go through) and losing some minor quests, Moira still lives and you can buy stuff from her and still do her quest etc. and since you just have a binary karma system, you can easily gain it all back by just doing a few good deeds, however with New Vegas, your reputation with Factions matter, if you fu*k up even once you're gonna be locked out of the higher level gear since it operates on a level where when you fu*k up, you can no longer reach a level of liked or idolized, and the more you fu*k up the more you lose from that faction and the more you dislike, and sometimes if you fu*k up to much, you'll never be able to complete quests (Example: I was working with Mr. House and I had to keep the Kings Independent of NCR control so I wiped out the NCR Troops in Freeside and it made me not be able to complete No, Not Much, since Colonel Hsu refused to send troops to Bitter Springs due to how I had treated the NCR, or the time where when I was on my Legion Playthrough and I was doing a Brute Playthrough, I had sabotaged the surgery and arranged for Caesar to die, and because I was liked by the Legion I was let off the hook, however if I did not have a liked reputation with the Legion, Lucius and his other Praetorian Guards would've attacked me on site because that's how loyal the legion is the Caesar, and etc etc.

The Game allows you to play nearly any role you want, and it will accommodate you for that. Do you want to play a melee brute who has low intelligence who grunts to speak and fixes every problem by hitting it with a big stick? You can do that. Do you want to be a hyper intelligent cyber nerd who outsmarts everyone in dialogue? You can do that? Do you want to fix every problem by sneaking through every place and just sneak attacking everyone? You can do that. And so on and so forth, literally in nearly every quest you can find a workaround or another way to complete quests rather than killing, hell you can do a full jesus run through and kill no one, granted it would be difficult, but the game will accommodate you: (Reference:

), there are numerous skillchecks avaliable for every skill making the other skills way more useful in dialogue, it invokes the spirit of Fallout 1 and 2 and gives you the freedom of those games to complete the game as you want

The Combat is flawed, but it is manageable, and once you get later in game, it gets to be quite fun when you take out Nightstalker like it's nobody's business, and this is the main way it is better than Fallout 1 and 2 in my eyes, although 1 and 2 are absolute classics, there combat systems were fairly dated at release (Look at Baldur's Gate if you don't believe me) and annoying, even when it released, so having a modernized gameplay system that makes the game leagues more fun and replay-able than the OGs, it makes the game superior, but don't get me wrong, the combat is stiff and clunky and can get annoying at the beginning, but once you level up and get better equipment, it becomes seriously more enjoyable and allows for more replay-ability in my opinion.

And so on and so forth, look I could go on for hours about this game, but this post is starting to get too long, and this is making me want to replay New Vegas again. But don't get me wrong, this game is not perfect, no game is, but once you look past all of the technical issues and rushed development time, this game is nothing short of a modern masterpiece in my opinion, and this game has helped me through the lowest of lows. This game is always here for me, and although I may get tired of the game after replaying it 10+ times, it will always be there when I need it to be, thank you for this game Obsidian, and thank you for hearing me out.

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