Why I appreciate this game so much and why I defend it the way I do.

fallout 2 - Why I appreciate this game so much and why I defend it the way I do.

Many people don't know this but prior to Fallout, there was Wasteland. A game developed by Interplay Productions and released in 1988. That's actually where Fallout got it's start. I was 5 years old when I saw my older cousin playing it and I was hooked. The idea of a post apocalyptic setting, fighting to survive in a time where most people would ask "what's the point?". Scavenging, looting, hunting, shooting, etc.. As the years went on and playing outside became more rare because of the growing trend in overly protective "parenting", I was able to spend time playing Fallout and Fallout 2 but I was too young to appreciate the stories for what they were. Other games with better graphics were available in 1997 so it wasn't until Bethesda released Fallout 3 that I was hooked again.

Fast forward to 2018. After Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 which were all great games in their own ways. Fallout 76 was announced and said to be an online multiplayer. My first thought was that it was more of a spin-off. A filler until Fallout 5 was released. Then we heard there would be no Human NPC's and that started the first wave of some of the loudest, whiniest, moaners that I'd ever seen in my life. Despite all of that, I was still excited about the game. I knew it was meant to be different. It was never meant to be like the other ones and looking back, Fallout games tend to change dramatically anyway.


Shortly before the BETA was set to launch, my Father in law passed away. A man I was very close to. Someone who's company I was set to takeover as soon as he retired. When that happened, my ex wife (his daughter)… well she started drinking a lot. She became abusive and violent. She'd threaten to end her own life and went as far as to try to OD on my bipolar meds. She even broke my finger and threatened to hurt my son (she's not his mother). That's when I left. Depressed, defeated, heartbroken, mourning and alone. It was already bad enough that my sons mom never let me see him but that's a whole other story. I started to ask myself "what's the point?… why even try anymore?" and honestly, if not for my son I probably would have just given up. I spent a lot of time in a dark room. Then one day I got an alert. My phone reminded me about BETA launch. Suddenly I had a burst of excitement and a sense of joy! I was motivated to get out of the house, go out and start prepping my game room.

Sure there were a ton of bugs and there are still quite a few now. Sure, Bethesda made some really bad decisions with marketing and all of that… but this game helped me. I was able to smile again. Feel excitement after months of feeling nothing. I made friends back then that are still with me now. People I actually trust in life, outside the game which is something I didn't think I'd do again. The thing is, for me, it happened to be this game because of the history I have with it. To me it's like a beacon that guides me back out of the darkness in my head. For other people it could be music, fishing, sports, etc… for me it's this.

I'm sorry this is so long but I had to get it off my chest because I see so many people trying to point out and focus on the good of this game, only to be shot down by all the negativity that surrounds it. My message is simply this: Yes, we all know it's flaws. Just like every other online game has flaws. Just like celebrities or athletes have flaws. We look up to certain things for a reason. So please try to think about that before you go bashing the things people enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you're all safe and smiling.

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