Why I chose to be a wuss in the wasteland

fallout 8 - Why I chose to be a wuss in the wasteland

I came into Fallout 76 with the ideals that Bethesda had instilled in all of us. Rebuild America.

I pictured myself working side by side with all of you, fixing and rebuilding the wasteland and being a community. That’s not what happened as you know, but let’s talk about what did happen.

PvP happened. I was part of it too. As you all know, I became a bounty hunter. You broke the law? I came to collect the caps and bring you to justice. I had my wall of shame, I would go to any lengths to get you and for almost 100 of you, you met my power fist.

The PVE crowd cried out. Bethesda listened. Survival was born. It was a lot of fun at first. Then they changed the main stat and it became less fun. Then they changed it again and it is more fun but not as much fun. It’s basically the same crowd that kills each other over and over.

I stopped playing Survival and focused solely on getting caps. However, I kept trolling people on the forum and Facebook and just being silly until one day, an Urban Dictionary post about me appeared.

It was a huge laugh and I was proud. I’ve made an impact in this game and that’s cool. I’ve always wanted to be well known and I got my little slice of that with Fallout 76.

Then a huge 3 day Facebook riot broke out. It was better than TV drama. I was being challenged, harassed, cussed out, called every name it the book. It was amazing how much time and energy people were spending on trying to put me in my place.

I showed up a couple times and other times I was caught at bad times (being at work, watching tv with my wife, etc)

But then it happened. Someone decided to Facebook message my wife and talk shit about me. The words that were said to her were vile and disgusting. Someone had stepped over the line.

So I blocked every single “PvP” player I knew. I left all the Facebook groups and I stayed gone out of sight out of mind for a few days to think about this game.


So I have now decided to retire my power fist and my PvP instincts and just be a PVE player. Someone decided to not leave the game in the game and decided to attack my wife over some clowning around I was doing.

To this soon-to-be serial killer who can’t differentiate between real life and a video game….you win. You are big and bad and I am just a lowly coward. Congratulations.

You beat apexigod. Your parody Urban Dictionary entry from the “Fallout 76 dev team” was funny. Professional skinfluter, very clever.

But hear this. If you ever invade my personal life again….I too will stop differentiating between personal life and video game life and after some interesting phone calls and some awkward conversations….that job you just got that you worked so hard for….your superintendent is an old high school chum of mine.

Small world isn’t it? Come to find out, you’re on probation for cyber stalking and domestic violence. Ain’t that a kick in the teeth? I know ALL your dirty laundry tonight.

Message my wife again and we’ll let the chips fall where they may. You’ll be jobless and find your ass right back in county for an 11-29 stretch bubba.

“But it’s just a video game” ….yeah, it was until you decided to make it otherwise. Two can play that game, motherfucker.

This is why I have decided to be a wuss in the wasteland. So you win. Now let’s let me respectfully take the L and we can move on otherwise I will make you my personal project and not stop until you’re lying in a cell in the fetal position crying for your mommy.

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