Why I despise some of the players in FO76

fallout 7 - Why I despise some of the players in FO76

First iff this is just a game. Disliking people over a game is a pretty ridiculous concept. I don’t think I have ever disliked someone over a game. However, I dislike a lot if the people in this sub and that play or have played FO76.

I am a Fallout fan. I have played all if the Fallouts and even played Wasteland, the inspiration for Fallout. I am a fan of the games. I loved what Obsidian did and I mostly like what Bethesda has done.

Some of the “fans” of the Fallout series have tried really hard to ruin FO76 for others. I am a casual player. I just reached level 50 on my main. I have yet to explore all of the Cranberry bog. I am still finishing the main quest line. I have a couple of shitty legendaries. Yet, I am having a lot of fun in this game.

I have played Fallouts with and without modding. I always play through once without modding because modding can and will break your game experience. A broken game experience in my opinion js one in which what you do does not matter, there is no adrenaline rush, little or no excitement, and little or no challenges.

I am financially stable. I could pay to win at any game. I could buy legendaries off of eBay, I could buy caps, I even watch a Youtube video and learn how to dupe.

I don’t because my playing experience is important. When I play it is my time to unwind from the day, to forget responsibilities, and just shoot super mutants in the face.

I have been playing for months and the bugs in this game are not that bad. I played when Ultima Online launched and the lag was so bad you couldn’t hardly move. I played WOW at launch when the servers were so jacked up our guild had to move to a low population.


I have played several great games that revolutionized the gaming industry that were pretty shite in the beginning.

I am not defending Bethesda. This game could have been better at launch and throughout the first few months. They rushed a product for market timing and they would make a good case study in B school. They had an aging platform that was about to be obsolete so they rushed an online version to market before it had been properly Beta tested. They have had their asses handed to them.

What matters to me is the question “is the game enjoyable”. Hell yeah it is enjoyable. It doesn’t get much better than shooting Super Mutants in the face while drinking a beer.

I see players that say they have played 500 hours completely knocking this game. Are you f’kn kidding me?

Bethesda Austin’s inability to Beta test a game is only trumped by the childish and toxic fanbase. Some of you need to get a life. If you eBayed items for your version of “god mode” then you are sad and you participated in the negatives about this game. If you duped then you are really pathetic. If you are crying about your duped items getting deleted then you are also pathetic.

Bethesda is trying to fix this game. Meanwhile some of the fan base is still trying to tear it down.

Y’all need to f’k off to some other game.

I have Super Mutants to go shoot in the face

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