Why I don’t see the Institute as the strongest faction

fallout 6 - Why I don't see the Institute as the strongest faction

The big argument about why they would win was teleportation.

Teleportation does sound scary, but in practice what the institute has isn't great. I know the gameplay vs lore argument or that Bethesda wouldn't want it exploited, but if we look at times the Institute use teleportation in game as part of the story:

1: Jenny. The first time we see a courser he is after Jenny/K8-23. He isn't in combat, the gunners are either dead or kneeling and he is demanding the code to he room she is held in. Assuming he didn't originally know where she was, okay he fought his way through the building to find her. But then he found her, he knew where she was, he still needed the door unlocked, he couldn't just teleport into her cell.

2: Gabriel, same story, you and X6 have to fight your way through the Libertalia. Not case case of, teleport to Gabriel, recall code, relay out. Mission complete in less than a minute. He's actually outside so a watcher could easily see where he is and where you need to be.

3: Bunker Hill. Again, you start outside and need to fight your way

4: Mass Fusion Building. Teleportation doesn't the Institute and more than the Vertibirds help the BoS. Everyone starts up on the roof. Ok, the previous three points said it, you can't just be teleported right to the reactor before the Vertibirds even land and to top it off, you have to fight your way out. I suppose too deep. Like trying to use your mobile phone in a basement a decade or so ago. The relay can't reach it.


So I'd say that proves that the teleportation isn't accurate enough for it to be the game changer that it sounds like at first.

I know there is no denying that the Minutemen start off as the weakest faction but with their potential the player can make them the strongest of the four. Probably by the time you take the castle they are stronger than the Railroad. 5 Artillery pieces is enough fire power to destroy the Prydwin. Though there is a huge battle with the BoS after if you choose to do that. take 25 settlements, put an artillery piece in each, you have what you need to sink the Prydwin squared. Then fortifying settlements. If a courser teleported into a settlement to find 20 heavy machine gun turrets pointed at them… Maybe if it ould find a blind spot and teleport to that, but then, with how accurate the teleporter is they might find themself in direct line of sight.

Well anyway, that's why that one word, Teleportation doesn't impress me that much. It's not that overpowered. They can know exactly where they need to be but can't just teleport to that place.

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