Why i think Oklahoma would be a great fallout location

fallout 8 - Why i think Oklahoma would be a great fallout location

So i was watching Ox-horn doing his fallout 3 lets play or "The full story of fallout 3" when he mentioned a note that in the game talking about how if they didn't have a place for them in vault 101 they should relocate to either newly annexed Canada OR Oklahoma, Now i live in Oklahoma but i know there is really not much history here except for the trail of tears, The land run and a few other things like the memorial for the bombing that happened in 1995 but apart from that i think that we should get a game based in Oklahoma or some parts like Oklahoma city or maybe Gore and other places and take place in the "unique" climate and other things such as…

Creatures Such As:

mutated Buffalo, every bird common to the area from the Mississippi river and the rockie mountains, Perhaps another version of mutated coyotes, wolves, foxes, prairie dogs, Bison and of course buffalo.

And of course fishing along with many more other animals that if i were to name them all that would basically be this entire post.

( Ill even get Reddit on my phone and draw up some designs if i can)


Normal enemies such as raiders ghouls and maybe even super mutants even if i cant think of a reason why'd they be here like Nevada there arent a lot due to them migrating from maraposa from the masters army cause there is no way that they could be produced in Nevada. Now i also have some other ideas that we haven't really seen before SUCH AS, Tribes maybe even perhaps hostile settlers cannibals and of course hill billy which we have only seen in the Point look out DLC in fallout 3 but they could either be good, Bad Or natural unlike just pure blood enemies like in fallout 3,

We could also have tribe battles like rival Native Americans or other ways too.

Native American Tribes that could be in the world too could be the Navajo, Sequoya, along with the Choctaw which live in Choctaw Oklahoma mostly which i kinda find ironic. (no offense)

you could either join the tribes or not and then wage territory battles too!!



Every good fallout game needs a "official" nuke site which is basically a staple in nearly every fallout such as in new Vegas like black mountain and the devils hole, and or gullet one of the 2, Well in Oklahoma i live near Tinker Air force base and its apparently one of the major US military most important air force base in the area and if a nuke where to hit there it would cause major damage OR it could be nuked in another location Granted idk which ill have to do more research and update this post or make an entirely new post but i think TINKER AIR FORCE BASE would be the offical nuke site or maybe Oklahoma city itself. There is even another military base that dose military drills on the public High way the place is called goobers or gobers i cant quite correct it or remember it for some reason but it could also be another location for the nuke.

The "Nature" of the game..(kinda rough and dark)

Now i like to think of fallout 3 kid of like a more er..Nicer? fallout game i mean, look at new Vegas it has Rape, sexual abuse, and slavery and way, wayyyyyy more.

And in Oklahoma a lot more dark stuff has happened such as enslavement of Native Americans, slave trade and of course the land run which ended in a few deaths just trying to fight over land distributed marked out with rocks and stones too.

We could see like another type of land run or another faction similar to the legion along with maybe a few other factions but mainly see more real tones cause there is also a lot of darker tones in Oklahoma like abuse, sexual abuse and rape too.. i know its a dark topic but i think fallout should be more real like new Vegas and fallout 2 but i dont know why its never pushed back in fallout 3 and 4 and in 76 there is at least some dark lore but like its more like my dad abused me and then died am i happy or sad? like i mean its sad but the lore is kinda..cheesy in 76? but those are just my thoughts on the topic of the lore but i hope you can agree.

These are my reasons why i think a fallout game in Oklahoma would be nice and important to the history of this country just like the other states not just the original 13 colonies i think Bethesda should branch out to other states and ill even try to make more posts about the "Vaults" you could find in the Oklahoman wasteland.

please give me feed back what do you think?

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