Why I think the Treasure Hunter event is just not worth it.

fallout 2 - Why I think the Treasure Hunter event is just not worth it.

So, I already see interest in the entire event declining after one single day, and after hours of my friends and me non-stop running circles in the Ash Heap, I can not blame anyone.

Here's what I personally think makes this event more of a chore and less of a gain than the holiday event:

  • Having to depend on lists and routes to find sufficient amounts of treasure hunters. Don't get me wrong, my biggest, biggest kudos to the people who created those lists, you rock, and you save us so much time! What I actually mean though is, that there is very little chance to bump into them naturally which takes me to my next point.
  • The Ash Heap is the least active region of the map. On a normal day there is little to nothing to do there, meaning that most of the time, regular gameplay just doesn't take you down there. With this event being exclusively located in the Ash Heap, it means that most players will have to go out of their way. When we had the festive Scorched, we could bump into them anywhere just by normally playing the game, but with the Ash Heap thing, it means we have to decide whether to do the things we naturally do, or just lurk in the Ash Heap, and that grows boring pretty fast.
  • The drop rates for new items are… Ridiculous compared to the time you need to invest. If you're someone who has participated the Holiday Scorched event, you most likely already have most or even all of the plans and items from back then, meaning that if you're after some of the new things, you will either have to be filthy rich on all of your characters to be able to craft a few(!) pails, OR spend 24/7 running circles in the Ash Heap, for even a slight chance of something fresh.
  • On the subject of crafting pails and those having a higher chance of dropping good stuff… WHAT THE FRELL?! Not just is this yet another factor steering people away from the hunting event itself, but also is it ridiculously overpriced. I'd dare say that on average people who are not active vendors have less than 15k. Take this into consideration, as well as Super Duper and Chemist being disabled for crafting those things and – once again – it's just not worth it. Even moreso with the absence of player vending at the moment. There is little to no chance for most people to constantly accumulate enough caps during these four days to make crafting pails remotely worth it.
  • And last but not least: The timing is just not good. With new collectibles to be gained in Nuclear Winter right now, there's two limited-time-only events competing with one another. And Nuclear Winter is not just way more fun, but also offers guaranteed drops for the things you want to earn. With my limited time to play, I rather play a handful of matches each day and know what I'm about to get, than running around, hunting after astronomical odds in a place where nothing really interesting happens.

Honestly, I rather hope to bump into someone lucky enough to win some of the plans and craft me some of the new things for a little fee, or even frequent the subreddit that must not be named here, but wasting an entire weekend on this sounds… Just not worth the effort.

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