Why is every faction in Fallout 4 so STUPID? (spoilers obviously)

fallout 1 - Why is every faction in Fallout 4 so STUPID? (spoilers obviously)

Okay so first, we have the Brotherhood of Steel. "PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH OUR INTENTIONS ARE PEACEFUL" goes up to their airship "We are here to go to war" Okay then… And then they start to build a giant robot that throws nuclear bombs like dodgeballs. On top of that they want to kill every peaceful Ghoul, Super Mutant and Synth coz "we're super racist". Oh that guy that built us a teleporter, invented a super mutant vaccine, and cooperated with us every step of the way? Kill him just because he is a super mutant! Kill our most loyal soldier who has won us countless battles, lived by his dying comrades, dedicated his whole life to our cause just because he is a Synth. Super racism, yay! And then they blow up the Institute instead of preserving their knowledge and taking it for themselves, because….why?

The Institute – 200 years of brightest minds doing nothing but science to "save humanity" and what have they accomplished? Have they created water and food purifiers? Some way to remove radiation? Make the wasteland livable? Nope, they just made robots to serve them as janitors. That's it. They made Synths to do their manual labor and that's about it. They also invented teleportation but instead of placing relays everywhere so people could navigate the wasteland safely they have only one and it serves them so they can hide in their stupid hole and continue being useless. That guy who invented a cure that reverses Super Mutants back into Humans? Nooo that's actually useful, we can't have that in the Institute! Stop his project and also kill him for good measure! "The people of the commonwealth fear us because they don't understand science" or maybe it's because you KIDNAP AND KILL PEOPLE FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Your only man on the outside was a psychotic baby killing mass murderer! Why the fu*k are you making Synth Gorillas? What the fu*k is "mankind redefined"?

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The Railroad – Just no words for the sheer stupidity of these guys. Not only do they pretend that regular people don't exist and don't have their own issues, these guys have absolutely no long term plans for the commonwealth. Except, their short term plans suck too. So when they "rescue" a Synth they remove all of their memories, personality, and even looks and give them a new one. So essentially, they kill the old Synth and make a new one. But they don't choose what new Synth they make. The Synths they "free" become, raiders, looters, mass murderers, etc… One of their "freed" Synths became a leader of one of the deadliest gangs in the commonwealth! And in the the end they blow up the Institute so the Synths they freed are the last Synths to ever exist… And the regular people of the commonwealth? Fu*k them, who cares about them, only Synths matter!

The Minutemen – Not much to say about them. Impractical weaponry and impractical armor just so they can roleplay 1700s colonists. When you found them they were in a hole and consisted of a drug addicted grandma, 2 mentally ill people, and a computer guy. Just boring infinite AI generated quests with no soul.

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