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Why is the fallout community so toxic?

fallout 5 - Why is the fallout community so toxic?

Let’s be honest. This was the same hate that 4 got. It just seems like fallout has become something that’s popular to hate on. Where people look constantly for reasons to post their next “fallout 76 is absolutely trash and you should cancel your pre-order and here’s why.” Videos. People are posting the same things everywhere over and over because it generates views and likes. Yes fallout 76 isn’t perfect! There I said it! But it’s fun, I finally get to roam the waste with my friends after all these years. I haven’t had a single bad experience for me from the beta (though that whole deletes itself thing really sucked). People just complain about everything. “There’s going to be people killing me over and over and I won’t be able to do things!” They find out you can’t do that and “there’s no incentive to pvp people and that’s stupid!” “My 4000$ computer cant get 15 FPS!” Well my crappy pc gets 60. Look let’s all agree that it’s not even a tenth as bad as people and critics are saying. Me and everyone I’ve talked to has loved every second they got to play. My view is biased, I have always wanted a fallout multiplayer experience, and I feel that if I didn’t play with my friends it could have been worse. Fallout 76 isn’t perfect, it’s not for everyone, but I love it and my friends love it. Let us have that.



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    Mike matwiiw
    Mar 27, 2021 12:04 am

    Are you serious? You think fallout 76 deserves all the preorders it got? That game was worse thenbgarbage when it cameout, and fallout 4 had just as many problems although fallout 4 was actually playable on launch, even to this dayvi refuse to even look at fallout 76, because of the horrible atrocities that they braught ti the gameing world, ti be hinest, anyone who “preorders” a game absolutly deserves to lose their money, but u losers do not get to be angry, u made ur fuckin bed, so sleep in it. My attitide is the same towards any moron who pre orders anything, if u are willing to throw that money away b4 u even see what the game offers, that blind decotion is the same as being in a cult to me, u deserve to get ur money stolen from you, oh sorry, i mean preordered from you……. fuckin morons

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