Why Project Paradise is a failure and how it could possibly be salvaged.

fallout 5 - Why Project Paradise is a failure and how it could possibly be salvaged.

I've been trying to have fun with this event and get all the drops out of it but I'm officially done trying.

1. Events designed for a whole server, with no supporting infrastructure.

It's been said a million times by now but has to be included, the event NEEDS a server wide alert. But that's not even going to be enough sadly, because as this game gets older and as more events get added we can't just keep piling server alerts on top of server alerts and even IF you add server alerts you can never guarantee people will still care about events. The HARD truth is that without some major server overhauls to add instanced dungeons that draw people from across the servers to populate them content like this designed for more people than a single server can produce will ultimately fail.

2. Enemy Respawns

Players entering the lab cause ALL the naturally spawned enemies to respawn. This means EVERY SINGLE ghoul, protectron, gutsy, sentry and assaultron has a chance to respawn in your face the instant anyone enters to trigger them. Most of my attempts to solo this thing have ended when in the middle of a defense wave I'm suddenly getting stabbed in the back by an assaultron as a Sentry crushes the friendly creature.

3. Stage 1: Horrible spawns and respawns

If you're trying to run the event with only a handful of players, or god forbid solo, both the number of spawns and the respawn rate on the kelp and the necessary enemies are just absolutely horrible. I'm about 99% sure that spawns scale with the number of people in the area which was GREAT on day one when the whole server down there but if you're alone you're going to be spending most of your time with absolutely nothing to do waiting for enemies to spawn two at a time with long stretches of absolutely nothing to do. At the absolute best the furthest I've been able to solo either the venison or kelp is to around 30 turn ins which is only good enough for a rank 1 creature for stage 2.

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4. Stage 2: Punishment by design

Stage 2 is essentially designed to punish you for a poor performance in stage 1, no matter if you deserve that punishment or not. The game doesn't take into account how many people were actually participating, even if you're the only person in the dungeon and you do your absolute best with what the game is giving you you're rewarded with a friendly creature designed to die as quickly as possible.

5a. Stage 3: Bullet sponges are NOT A MECHANIC


On the most basic level Stage 3 is just a big dumb bullet sponge with zero mechanics involved. In a fucking drug lab where we could have gotten something like event only syringers or gas bombs or ANYTHING else the entire event just ends with everyone in the same room blasting a giant Sheepsquatch or Mirelurk Queen in the face while it runs around one shoting people.

5b. Stage 3: Friendlies were NOT designed to survive an alpha

I've had runs that went as perfectly as you can usually expect Project Paradise to go (a single friendly creature alive with full health) just to have the Alpha spawn on top of us, take one look at the friendly and it's dead. The "challenge" at this stage is supposed to be taking out a giant bullet sponge designed to one shot most players, it should NOT be designed to go after a defense target that can barely survive getting rushed by a couple of normal enemies.

5c. Do not split players attention by splitting objectives AND splitting rewards

Splitting stage 3's objective of killing the alpha AND still keeping the friendlies alive forcs people to decide between a shiny new legendary or actually succeeding the event, and in the majority of cases people are going to go for the legendary. This is a problem that should have been obvious from Free Range when people couldn't even be bothered to keep some brahmin alive when they were less than ten yards away in clear view yet now we've got people who are supposed to split their attention between fighting something on one side of a dungeon and defending something that could be on the opposite side? You're punishing the people who stick around to actually keep the friendlies alive while rewarding everyone that runs off to kill the legendary.

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6. A continuing failure for rewards

Randomly dropped rewards suck, they suck even more when your chances to even get a random reward drops with each failed objective. Bethesda, you were SOOOOOOOOOO close when you switched over to the token system for the Pioneer Scouts. For the love of god DO NOT ABANDON THAT SYSTEM. Even in the face of ALL of the above problems you could even temporarily salvage Project Paradise and similar future events simply by embracing a token based reward system over random event drops. in this case simply reward one token per surviving friendly creature and you're rewarding people for their performance rather than punishing them for it.

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