Fallout 2

Why Slap Damage is your Friend and Workshops are your Enemy: A Essay

fallout 2 - Why Slap Damage is your Friend and Workshops are your Enemy: A Essay

Part 1: Bethesda's Coding and You! A Comprehensive Survival Guide to Poor Workshop Design Choices and Coding.

Look I get it, it sucks that someone used the C.A.M.P destruction perks Bethesda provided to blow up your C.A.M.P faster than you think possible. It blows that they got no wanted level and that they then proceed to kill you. It sucks more that they then slapped you around afterwards. Obviously they were hackers or griefers that need to be reported.

WRONG! Guess what buttercup? It was your fault!

No, not because you suck at PvP but rather because you owned a workshop and Bethesda's coders did a lazy job coding workshop PvP. See workshops are supposed to be a nice way to flag that you want to engage in PvP. I know I know crazy right! Real talk over 75% of my workshop victims swear like a sailor and say im the reason that the game has low sales due to people like me engaging PvP. Its nuts right, this thing that gives you resources that tells you when you claim it that others may attack you to claim it attracts people like me!

Anyways, now if this system were to work how you expected this would be fine. You know what I mean. You think when I start the counterclaim process that it will:

A} Warn you that i'm claiming it

B} Only allow PvP in the workshop area

C} Allow you to constantly defend it i.e if I kill you and you just click respawn you can come into the workshop and stop the claim countdown

D} That if you die and respawn anywhere but here you will be safe

E} Because you are in Pacifist Mode you have opted out of PvP

WRONG AGAIN Numb Nuts/Clams!

A} If I start the claim process, there is a random chance that Rngesus will let you know about my crew owning your Workshop. This is due to the fact that sometime the servers will not send the Attack on (Insert workshop here) message. Even if they do however if you ignored that quest once like that time you didnt care about losing your workshop to Tiny Tim the level 2 character then the game will assume you never want to see the message again, instead auto forwarding it to you event section of your Pip-boy. Note the lack of a massive on screen warning or an audible sound. Rather it is one of those quest pop-ups that Graftons Mayor trains you to ignore. WTF Bethesda!

->The Fix: A big annoying pop-up with a automated voice telling me my Workshop or C.A.M.P is under attack. Simple but effective. Just copy the Power Plant Event System and this will fix most of your problems.

B} Sadly No. Bethesda's Coders seem to have taken the easy way out and just flagged you and your team for PvP. Yes you heard me. You AND YOUR TEAM ARE FLAG FOR PvP WHEN I ATTACK YOUR WORKSHOP. This means that you, your AFK friend, that rando you teamed up with to fast travel 2, and Steve from accounting can now all be killed with no warning. I can do this anywhere on the map as long as one of my teammates bounces in and out of your Workshop. We also can destroy your C.A.M.P because Bethesda just flags all objects you built as destructible. No exploits needed to blow your head off while you are using the Responders Vendor Bot. No exploits needed to blow up your C.A.M.P without getting a bounty. Just some lazy coding.

->The Fix: Seperate the C.A.M.P And workshop items. Limit PvP for workshop claims to the Workshop. Make it so I can only destroy Workshop Items when I am counter claiming or at least remove the bounty system replacing it with a auto contest feature, I.E if I destroy a workshop object it forces me to start the claim and stops me from leaving the area.


C/D} This one is a MAY be a bug, or may be a poor design choice . If I kill you in PvP you are no longer red to me unless you seek revenge no surprise there. However it seems the workshop claiming system is tied to the hostility tag between the Defender and the Attacker. To dumb it down for you, If I cap the workshop and you come in to defend it and I kill you, when you respawn you are no longer hostile to me but you also can no longer stop me from claiming your workshop! Yet even if you don't seek revenge when you respawn you will still be red to my teammates for 20 mins or so. So yes when you walk in to claim your junk bag seeing as how I am not shooting you, my sniper WILL kill you. Then my tank. Then my Honeypot. What we are raiders after all! Yes I know this is broken but eh if Bethesda doesn't want to fix it ya know. Also yes those 20 mins count all over the map but doesn't include your C.A.M.P Objects. So no my friends cant grief your C.A.M.P but we can kill you. Also as pointed out by one of my associates who was helping me review this paper, the always red issue also stops you from attacking my C.A.M.P or Workshop for the 20 min period because my turrets will auto attack you, negating the most crucial part of workshop claiming the stake out/ prep work pre-raid.

->The Fix: When you limit the PvP Zone 2 the Workshop as stated above, code it like a workshop defence event. Force players to respawn in a random location hostile to the attacking team. If they leave the workshop they have ten seconds before they leave the event forfaiting the workshop.

E} AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA AAH HA HAH AH AH HAAHA HAHAH AAH AH HAH AH AHAH no. Just no. IF YOU CLAIM A WORKSHOP IT MARKS YOU FOR PvP Brahmin Brains . For f*cks sake it says in the claim message you can be attacked by other players! Yes it's true it doesn't mention the weird features stated above but still ya know use that thing in between your ears for once!

->The Fix: Instead of disabling Slap Damage, disable Workshop Claiming for Pacifists. I know, I know "But why keep slap damage?" Well let me explain to you my friend……


Part 2: Your Friend, Slap Damage or How I Learned to Love The Slap

Slap Damage has gotten a bad rap for being a tool of griefers and nairdewells. Wrong good sir/madam, it has its purposes. What may they be you ask>>> well let me list them out for you!

1} Mic Check. Pretty straight forward shoot them till they hope on area and swear or do the thumbs down emoticon.

2} Attention Grabber. I do not have a 'here is a bag of loot for you' emote Bethesda. But what do I have? A gun and a come over here emote…..

3} A High Five System. . Again, need a emote here Bethesda!

4} A Virtually Middle Finger.

5} A great way to challenge People to PvP. Since the PvP emote COSTS MONEY.

6} A way to warn new players of danger. Stand next to Deathclaw, shoot player, players spins around and sees you and your Scaly "friend" .

7} A honor duel challenge. Till I can slap you with a glove and challenge you to a duel, I will take what I can get.

Yes it can be used to bait people into PvP. Yes do to some faulty coding mutations count has a PvP slap and as such can be used to force AfKs into PvP. Yes I can kill you with my Furious Buzz-Blade in 3 mins flat while you are Afk. But that can all be fixed! How? Simple just register a direct hit back to engage PvP and limit slap damage to the first hit only. To put it simply If I hit you and you don't hit the attack key to hit me back I can not do any more damage to you for 5 min. Simple clean and effective. As for your C.A.M.P, limit the ability to do damage 2 a C.A.M.P by level. Below 20 I can't grief you. Simple and effective.

Alrighty I'm tired, this took to long and i'm done. Thx's to JWCIII for the inspiration and DERPYNINJA05 and MarkFails for the revision help.

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