Why the Children of Atom in Far Harbor are evil and deserve to die (major spoilers)

fallout 2 - Why the Children of Atom in Far Harbor are evil and deserve to die (major spoilers)

I've done a number of playthroughs in Fallout 4, and in each, I did Reformation and followed DiMA's advice to replace High Confessor Tektus and achieve peace on the island.

I think I was mistaken.

Reformation certainly gets you the most goodies, you get a huge item from each faction. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Children of Atom are dangerous and homicidal, and that DiMA's peace was merely a band-aid over a cancer that has no cure.

First, look at the Children of Atom in the Commonwealth itself: except in the Glowing Sea, they attack you on sight. This includes Children of Atom as random encounters. And, in the Commonwealth, you can placate some of them by saying you're part of Far Harbor's church, which means they all are aware of each other, rather than on bad terms.

What I mean by this is, the Children in the Nucleus are aware of their counterparts in the Commonwealth and vice versa; they don't seem to ever speak badly of each other or their method of killing disbelievers, which is what the Church of Atom is really all about.

The counterpart of Captain Avery in the Nucleus is High Confessor Tektus. The counterpart to Allen Lee, who is widely seen as the worst asshole in Far Harbor, is High Zealot Richter. Allen Lee IS a dangerous asshole, but he's still on the side of Far Harbor: he shoots the Children of Atom as threats to the settlement. He will cut you off from trade if you make peace with the Children, BUT if you have done enough for Far Harbor, he will continue selling gear to you, which means that he does note your service to his people as a consideration. He's on his people's side.

And his counterpart? First thing you see when you arrive at the Nucleus is Richter's "loyalty test:" he tells two Children that their loyalty is in doubt, and that loyalty is proven when one of the Children shoots the other in the back and placidly asks "anything else you need?." Is Allen Lee an asshole? Yah, definitely. But he doesn't consider his own people as fair game for target practice; his counterpart in the Nucleus most certainly does.


This theme is present in a full half of the quests for the faction: Tektus takes a disliking to Sister Aubert, so he sends you on a Witch Hunt to find evidence of her doubt of him. Richter wants you to kill Sister Gwyneth, who has lost faith in Atom. Ware's quest to save his friend is an exception, yes, but nobody in the Nucleus believes that "heresy" should not be punisheable by death. Nobody speaks out against the "loyalty test." Even the likeable people in the faction see this as a fact.

Basically, they're all ready to kill in the name of their faith, just like their brethren in the Commonwealth. They may not be shoot-on-sight, but they're a powder keg, and the fuse is lit. The only way to make them NOT want to kill is to replace their leader with somebody who demands peace — but listen to the fake Tektus's grand speech for peace, and even THERE you can hear that anybody who disobeys the peace will be killed.

This as opposed to the Far Harbor folks, who may be rough around the edges, but they're still people and you can relate to them as such. In my case personally, I also was not keen on how Old Man Longfellow had to lose his wife and kid when the Children kidnapped her, pregnant, and brainwashed her.

I really hate to see Allen Lee as anything but a huge asshole. But, even though it really seems he just wants to shoot stuff, I have to conclude that in this case he's right. If this peace persists, Far Harbor will begin to resettle the island. At the time you complete Far Harbor, they can have up to four settlements; but if there's ever more — especially much more — that peace you make for DiMA might well get strained by the Children of Atom seeing Far Harbor as taking too much… which without the fake Tektus, they already do.

Choosing this path will not get you the most stuff, and Captain Avery will hate you for it. But, contrary to the streamer Oxhorn's conclusion about the Children of Atom that "people can change," I really can't see how a bunch of fanatics that deal with any "heresy" by committing murder will magically put murder aside because of one fake guy who can disappear, (maybe courtesy to a Child of Atom,) like the peaceful Martin disappeared. So, activate the launch key, and give them Division, since they all want it so much. It's what they think they deserve, so there's no reason to disagree with them.

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