Why the Chosen One is better than any other player character

fallout 2 - Why the Chosen One is better than any other player character

So when you think of most of the Fallout main characters you would usually think Courier, Lone Wanderer, Sole Survivor, and even the Vault Dweller. The Chosen one is better than all of the before mentioned. How could the Chosen One be that better than all of these? Well let me explain and we can compare them to the other playable characters… Long summary of who he is below, just skip past it if you don't want to read it all. The Chosen One is a descendant of the Vault Dweller who was exiled from his Vault never to return. They live in a village known as Arroyo and they have to find a G.E.C.K. in order to save it. Now when you start the game your immediately must go through the Temple of Trials to past your final test before you descend into the outer world. You can put use to many skills and choose to talk things out or fight your way through. Now when you finally leave(after doing some last-minute tasks) and must find some way to get a GECK… You go through town upon town looking for a GECK and you can make friends, and enemies, along the way. Solving puzzles and quests like repairing a Nuclear Reactor and fixing corruption within different towns. You start making the most progression once you hit San Francisco and people start pointing you in a direction to find the GECK and get the oil tanker moving once more. Getting the oil tanker to even go is a shit ton of work that requires NavComp pieces (only found in a vault hint hint), fuel, and the FOB. Fuel you can retrieve through San Francisco, but other than that the NavComp pieces are only in Vault 13 and the FOB is at Navarro a Enclave base. The FOB is usually your first choice as you'll also be able to get power armor at Navarro(strongest armor in the game and even stronger than really any actual power armor), and you must go through skill checks to get the FOB in the first place. Once you get the FOB you get the NavComp pieces which are in the vault which can only be found if you find vault 15 which can only be accessed with a key card and then you get the info on a terminal. But vault 15 has hoards of New Kahns which you can fight or just talk your way out of fighting. Then you get the info, go to Vault 13. Once there you meet Gruthar and the intelligent deathclaws who need assistance with their ZAX that broke down and operated food making and such. You have to get a piece to fix it at New Reno, then go through the Vault and install it but also get the NavComp parts and the holy GECK. You go back to Arroyo to see Hakkun, one of the elders dying and saying the Enclave took the people from the village.. now you must go to save them at the oil rig… Now the hardest part in the whole entire game to be honest, going back to the tank and clearing out the hold of the ship to open the door using the FOB and installing the NavComp parts. These are some of the toughest enemies in the game below this ship, and I almost didn't get past it. Now you're in the tanker right and you just kill the President, get his key card, activate the self destruct sequence and get your butt out of there. But then the single thing that puts him above all the rest is this: killing Frank Horrigan. He is practically one of the hardest in-game bosses ever known in the Fallout series. A literal super mutant in special made power armor who is known to rip DEATHCLAWS in half! The single best boss in Fallout. Also you can utilize speech and the key card to take him down with turrets and his own men. Then you leave with a boom and kill most of the remaining Enclave.


Credits: Killed Frank Horrigan, strongest boss in Fallout series Defeated Enclave almost single handedly Found GECK Cleared tanker with nasty floaters, mean centaurs, and tough aliens Can kill a man by questioning his riddle and deal 900+ damage on him Strengthened NCR and BoS Has some of the best armor in the series (Power Armor made by the Enclave) Talk or fight their way out of almost anything

Dis-credits: The Chosen One is usually said to not have completely stopped the Enclave but this is false as they were stopped but we're reused by Bethesda because they couldn't think of any better antagonist.

Overall the Chosen One would likely equal to that of the Courier if not, greater than the Courier. Blows Lone Wanderer out of the water and the Sole Survivor is still just some sort of joke compared to the Chosen One. Vault Dweller is their grandparent and the Chosen One was living in the Wasteland to start with so they have a better chance than that of the Vault Dweller.

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