Why The ‘War Glaive’ System Doesn’t Stop Duping, But Encourages It

fallout 8 - Why The 'War Glaive' System Doesn't Stop Duping, But Encourages It

A few weeks ago, someone pointed out that there are sites that track how many black market accounts full of duped, dev-room filled, 9999 of every item including all possible god roll legendary prefixes of all gear have been sold. Before One Wasteland, apparently it was around 1400. Roughly 1 month after One Wasteland, that number grew to about 7800. And it's been about a month since then, so that number has no doubt grown further. This is the reason why the trade sub has become cancerous garbage where you can't get anything without a very-obviously-duped explosive gat plasma or laser gun, even though those are ironically intrinsically worthless from how much they're duped.

The obvious reason why this happened is because One Wasteland gutted a lot of builds that took countless hours to make and perfect, and because respeccing is so awfully slow and difficult with a gutted build vs lvl 100 enemies, it is not only much easier to buy a black market account with all of the absurdly rare perfect god roll gear for whatever replacement build someone wants, but honestly much cheaper than investing countless hours of time slowly grinding levels and gear. Why spend several months redoing everything when you can either just dip slightly into COVID relief checks or get a part-time job as a cashier for 2 weeks for just one paycheck since the dupe accounts aren't even expensive?


Now, with that in mind, what reason exists for someone who wants a god roll War Glaive, Crusader Pistol, Hellstorm Launcher, AND Plasma Cutter to not just buy a black market account with all of these for cheaper than a FO1st subscription? Why is it so cheap? Because just making a Bethesda account with any made-on-the-spot email address, buying a copy of the game, hacking in everything, and then selling that account only has a production cost of the game's price tag, which is actually less than AAA titles at only around 40 dollars rather than the usual 60+.

In other words, the reason why Bethesda has done this at the expense of the non-cheaters…is because they profit massively from this too. You know why all of the hackers and dupers only got a slap on the wrist? Because every hacked account they sell has $40 go to Bethesda Game Studios and apparently thousands upon thousands of people buy the hacked accounts, each hacked account being a profit for the studio.

So why on earth would Bethesda Game Studios do something that would actually discourage this behavior? If anything, they're enabling it more than ever with the War Glaive style legendary method, knowingly making new stuff so awful to get that paying for it is preferable.

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