Why this game draws so much frustration and disappointment (IMO)

fallout 5 - Why this game draws so much frustration and disappointment (IMO)

TLDR: the game has so much potential to be such an amazing game yet Bethesada continously screwed up yielding a great-yet-dissapointing-in-areas game.

This game is great. It truly is. The landscape is beautiful. At first you're in awe as the moon light pierces the canopy of trees. Then the growl of gulpers, shrouded by darkness, turns that awe into terror.

The effort that went into creating the map of Appalacia is astounding and really portrays (from what I read on here) a detailed yet accurate experience of WV.

Then the gameplay. It has something for everyone. Creative minds build vasts architectural wonders that dazzle all who gaze upon it. Common & unique junk litter the world waiting for any OCD scapper to find it. Collectors have astronomically rare items to collect and tons of plans to find through all different avenues. You'll find the "responder" who aids the new players, the "raider" who griefs all through sheer chaos, the "merchant" seeking to make a quick cap by selling their mother, the "builder" who defies all logic and builds mind-bending camps, even the "goof" who runs around with a cat helmet and gold tuxedo, smacking every mole rat they find with bouquet of flowers. The list goes on and on.

The lore of this game invokes every kind of emotion through a slew of narrative avenues. Holotapes, 1st-hand accounts, even just simple "look-and-see" moments. You'll feel fear, love, terror, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and so on. The story of a watoga robot "helping" a cat out of tree…the creepiness hidden at Lucky Hole…the rock-faces reminiscent of the dwemer….the countless tragic tales of loved ones slowly dying after the bombs dropped…it's all great.

And what truly elevates this game is the community. A rarely-toxic group of people just helping each other survive. Tales of wasteland adventres are shared around the virtual reddit campfire as we all reminiscent. This community took this game and made it what it is.


Then Bethesada did us dirty. I feel like their motto is: as little effort as physically possible while as much money as inhumanely as possible. Their RNG kills the drive of casual players to obtain what they love or want. The lack of communication on the future, the lack of effort behind items released, the lack of end game content, the lack of new events, the lack of this an that and this and that go on. Stifling camps through patches that took away unique building methods while still not addressing broken AtomShop items that don't work. So many bugs. Soooooo many bugs. Then the undelivered promises of Bethesda, their cheapness and switcheroos on the community, it just bugs me (more bugging!) Timegates galore to keep you interested only serves to drive me away. I want the rare gear and put hours into obtaining the scrip or notes. Just let me cash it in instead of waiting more days. And the PVP is trash, nuclear winter was abandoned, and the hacks are rampant. Modders create features that Bethesda delayed for months and months. It's a slap in the face.

I often feel like Bethesda is laughing at me while they chuckle, "you're paying us to find your breaking point with online games". It's sad. And despite it all I WANT TO GIVE THEM MY MONEY. I want to support this game. I want them to succeed and continue to expand on this game. My biggest fear is that it's past the hump…the glory days are behind us. I read a post the other day and it depressed me to think this game could start dying off.

All of this combined equates to reason why people get so upset over this game. They become so vocal over issues, even small ones, because they too want the game to succeed. It's not just them being petty or b!tchy (ok some are) but its because they see the potential of this game and are overly frustrated at how horribly besthesda has capitalized on it. People say "just play another game" but i don't want to. I WANT to play this game. But you can only watch someone destroy something so many times before you give in. The day I give in will be sad to say the least.

At least that's how I feel. Maybe I'm off base. Idk….but [email protected] it all I love this game despite its efforts to make me want to hate it. I wont say everyone feels this way but this is how I perceive things to be.

Stay strong out there wastelanders!

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