Workshops and ore mining / refining needs a buff

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Workshops and ore mining / refining needs a buff

I can't see any reason to take workshops right now, aside from Fusion Cores. Everything that you get from them, you get in far more abundance by doing other activities. Name a junk item and there's a far more efficient way to farm it than taking a workshop. If you think there is a resource that workshops provide better than farming / server hopping, post it, and I will prove you wrong.

In my eyes, Workshops should be highly contested PvP hotspots, even on Adventure mode. Something that isn't necessary to farm materials (since we're doing just fine right now by farming everything off of mobs) but is very convenient if you do manage to take and hold one.

A few examples:

Hemlock holes gives 30 acid in 30 minutes. I can easily get 150-200 acid in 30 minutes by farming snallygasters at Toxic Larry's instead, plus the chance for them to be legendary, plus other random armor and weapons that I can scrap.

Grafton Steel is far less efficient for farming steel than farming super mutants at locations like West-Tek, Harper's Ferry, General's Steakhouse, and half a dozen other locations in the Mire area. I consistently get 800-1000 steel per West-Tek / Harper's Ferry, which takes me all of 10-15 minutes to clear and server hop. I doubt you could even get 100 steel worth of ore from Grafton Steel (though ironically, it does have super mutants – a nice bonus).

Mount Blair – This thing requires a ridiculous amount of time to get everything set up, and then requires constant defense, and the yields over 30 minutes often barely make up for the cost of the materials required to craft the Ignition Cores. This thing should be pumping out HUNDREDS of scrap every 30 minutes, not 10-20.

Now let's talk about ore. Ore is not worth the cost to refine in most cases. Lead is somewhat of an exception, but even then, getting the acid needed to refine it is a pain.


To make just 2 Aluminum Scrap, you need 3 Aluminum Ore and 2 Acid. Assuming you take the time to go farm the Aluminum ore (because you can't reliably find it for t-r-a-d-e (fuck you automod) because no one buys/sells it), you'd be using 2 acid plus the ore to get 2 scrap. 2 Acid costs about 6 caps, while 2 Aluminum scrap costs about 8 caps. For the time it takes to mine the Aluminum, you're far better off just fighting super mutants or other enemies that give caps. Even with Super Duper procs, you're better off.

5 Iron Scrap requires 2 Iron Ore and 1 acid. This is a little better, because you can reliably farm ~200 iron ore every day from the Hornright Testing Site #3 area. That's enough for 100 crafts, which comes out to 500 Steel Scrap (you'd also need 100 acid, at a cost of about 300 caps, or you'd need to farm it yourself). Assuming you get 30% more from Super Duper procs, you'd get 650 Steel Scrap, and this would take you at least 15 minutes to mine the more, t-r-a-d-e (fuck you automod) for the acid, and you'd be out 300 caps as well. OR, you could just farm super mutants, make easy caps, and get 800-1000 steel every 10 minutes.

I really enjoy taking workshops and farming on a server. I even enjoy the PvP aspect of it. But as is, I find no reason to take them. I took the 3 power plants for a full day and got all the cores I'll need (300+) for a long time.

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